Celebrating Deviousness - January 2019
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Right Of Way by MouselemurIn Recognition of Exemplary Membership and an Outstanding Spirit of helpfulness and mentoring within the DeviantArt community. Join us in celebrating the latest recipient of the Deviousness Award.

In Recognition of Exemplary Membership and an Outstanding Spirit of helpfulness and mentoring within the DeviantArt community. Join us in celebrating the latest recipient of the Deviousness Award.

Introducing Mouselemur


Known online as Mouselemur, in reality, there are two people huddled behind the computer screen. We're sisters from the Netherlands, who answer to Daniëlle and Marisa respectively.From the time we were barely able to walk, our parents would take us (and our older sister) to go see animals. Whether it was helping out family on their farm, a walk through the forest at home, or a trip to the zoo - we embraced it all. A love for animals grew, and at one point, we each in turn got a point-and-shoot camera to capture memories on film. We've been visiting zoos and photographing the animals for longer than I can remember, but it wasn't till we started taking it more seriously when M discovered "zoo photography" was actually a thing. She figured our photos might be good enough to share as well, and it was actually her idea and initiative to create an account on DeviantArt. We didn't have the guts to go it alone, so we combined my writing "voice" in English and M's editing skills and made a nice division of tasks. 7 years later, here we are still! 

We have upgraded our gear and editing tools to better our photography, but alongside just sharing photos, we've fallen in love with the DA community and all it has to offer. Mainly, being able to give back to the community in a way that fits our introverted characters. Namely, by collecting art from others, and creating new art without taking away any of the credit. Art Features have become a true second love and we're very grateful for the groups we help administer that allow us the chance to share different kinds of feature series. We want to say thank you again (really, so much!) for choosing us for January's Deviousness. We're still trying to figure out what we did to deserve it, but knowing that someone thought we were worthy of this is really heart-warming.

the way I see youby Mouselemur
the giving and the takingby Mouselemur
call me drakeby Mouselemur
you make me dreamby Mouselemur
living in another worldby Mouselemur
i'm not sleepy, you areby Mouselemur
now that I found youby Mouselemur
something else againby Mouselemur
beyond and beforeby Mouselemur
i'll be there if you want meby Mouselemur
where o where is loveby Mouselemur

January 2019

Deviousness Award Winner

Mouselemur is an influential force within the DeviantArt Community. These two dynamic sisters have been vivaciously supporting their fellow artists for years through their tireless work in several groups such as TandemFeatures, NaturesHaven and AnimalsPlantsNature. You'll also find them behind a plethora of features, highlighting up and coming artists around the site. Avid animal lovers, they post lovely wildlife photos that describe their zoo adventures and provide in-depth background on the species they showcase. Because of their undeniable dedication to the DeviantArt community we are thrilled to be awarding Deviousness for January 2019 to Mouselemur.

Showing some love

Community Quotes


Mouselemur are such kind sisters. M and D really love the community and featuring others. They are extremely involved in two nature groups AnimalsPlantsNature and NaturesHaven where they are admins. There are a great number of other nature and photography groups they admin as well. However, their admin positions are not why they are receiving Deviousness. That is because of their tireless effort to be who they are, two of the kindest people in the world. If you have questions they have answers, if you need help they are there to help in any way that they can. These two beautiful people bring us some of the most amazing captures of Zoo photography, and scrolling through their submissions is always a highlight of my day. I don't think there are any more deserving of recognition, and congratulations on the Deviousness Award! I love you, sweeties!

They're a wonderful presence within the community! I see them all the time in Artisan Crafts, and they've encouraged me to explain things I probably wouldn't have done without the nudge

If you speak of zoo photography you're speaking of Mouselemur. They not only share their beautiful photos of zoo animals with us, but they also share their knowledge about those animals -- following youngsters growing up and telling us their stories. You can tell that they really care about all of these animals.However, that's not the only thing they do on DeviantArt, they are friendly to others and help to bring them more exposure. They are a great example of DeviantArt and outside of this community, they do great things for others too, like giving children in the hospital an amazing day with exotic animals. These two beautiful women really deserve the Deviousness award!

Whom am I kidding? There is nothing I can write about you, which would even remotely describe what I feel now, about this recognition, about all of us pouring our hearts out, being in the comment section, or here. First thing first - there is not enough space here. Impossible to compress and try to extract the quintessence of all the captivating stories you have written - publicly or privately - in words, in images, in musical notes, in gestures, in associations of ideas, of friendships [] ...in "silences"... Nope, there is not enough time to try to compress all the memories, and their ramifications, their echoes, their cascading effects, popping out in unexpected moments, places, situations. The most difficult of all would be to try to highlight all the dimensions you touched, explored, amplified, influenced, created... You have a magic touch... Constantly sending ripples through the very fabric of this place, infusing lives way beyond the time, the thoughts and feelings we enjoy in front of the monitors. Thank you for allowing me to get to know you, and for everything you brought with you! Little did I know, some winters ago, that I would get to feel so happy to see you getting this award! Very proud.

Danielle and Maisa, two sisters that are pillars of our society, they give of their time in promoting other Artists. Their dedication speaks volumes by their awesome features, the vast amount they have released is quite amazing! Known most by Fickle Friday, you can also find them interviewing Artists throughout the community spreading encouragement. They are lovers of animals where their passion shows by their Zoo photography. With great insight to running groups, and service to the community, this pair certainly deserves the Deviousness Award! Congratulations Mouselemur!

Mouselemur put so much time and energy into supporting their fellow artists. Their journal features are as lovely as their photography and their involvement with groups and projects make them an instantly recognizable and positive part of DA.


M & D are outstanding members of this community and I love the positive energy and friendship that glows from Mouselemur by sharing lovely wildlife images that celebrate life in a beautiful artful way. Marisa and Danielle touch my heart and create the connection with other unique artists through their features and Journals, their presence has a rhythm of their own in DeviantArt

Marisa and Danielle (Mouselemur) really master perfect zoo photography without any fences and railings, highlighting especially baby animals or close-ups. I came to know them when I started working with them together in our feature group TandemFeatures. They have lots of great ideas for feature series, might they be about animals (there once was an ABC on rare animals), highlighting artists (in their feature star series) and the series that kept on going from the beginning of the group which is called "Fickle Friday": A song text (people can hand in suggestions for songs) combined with beautiful art. Also, their features and tutorials might they be for projecteducate or AnimalsPlantsNature, are very informative and lovely to read. In short, the two are very warmhearted sisters, very approachable, loving to exchange and such kind hearts. It is a pleasure to work together with them in a group. Thank you for being here as inspiration for us artists and congratulations, Mouselemur


I stumbled upon Mouselemur thanks to their weekly Fickle Friday feature.. it was something very original and memorable which made me stick for longer. But Mouselemur is not only known for that, but they are also wonderful, warm girls with a lot to share: their love to animals, beautiful ZOO photography, features and dA love in general to everyone around them. They are both cool to talk too, and I love the personal 1:1 interaction best! I'm very proud and happy for you, congratulations on your Deviousness Award M & D, you more than deserve it

every struggleby Mouselemur
that's why i'm hereby Mouselemur
one look is never enoughby Mouselemur

Their work is awesome! They have excellent photographs of tiny little creatures and big impressive animals. Beautiful, diverse and refreshing. These sisters have a huge passion for animals and nature and aren't afraid to share this with the world. Something I enjoy seeing, very much. Marisa and Danielle are very deserving of this award and I wish them many more years of photographing animals, plants and nature! Congratulations, girls!

Mouselemur have an infectious love for all things animals. They share their love through their pictures and they take such time to give us all the information we need about the animals they are photographing. They are an example of humanity in action. They are also friendly, warm and funny. Lovely people well deserving of any and all recognition they get.

When I first met Mouselemur, I had no idea that there were two sisters working tirelessly to support the community. Daniëlle and Marisa truly are wonderful people - they can make anyone feel at home and comfortable within our community with their warm presence. They endlessly support other artists through their features and thoughtful comments, but also through several groups! Aside from that, they always provide very interesting information about the animals with their every photograph. I was super excited when they wanted to join my then recently acquired group, NaturesHaven, and their wonderful interview and showcase series is a great spotlight for outstanding members in the group, but next to that it's a great addition to everything we do. Over time, these ladies have become dear friends of mine and I am extremely thrilled to see them receive this beautiful honour which they deserve so very much. Congratulations Daniëlle and Marisa, the community is proud of you and we love you!

They are always so helpful, kind, and very active in the DA community. If they aren't writing beautiful features or participating in a variety of groups, they are posting wonderful photos that are a joy to look at. Congratulations to them!

Congratulations to Mouselemur!

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Woooo!!! Congratulations, Mouselemur !!! :clap: :party: This is awesome!!! :la:
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MouselemurHobbyist Photographer
Thank you so much :huggle: :glomp: :heart:
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Thank you :la:
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Awwwwwww :heart: CONGRATULATIONS!!!!! ^_________^
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Thank you so much :la:
Sorry for seeing this so late :faint: I still really do appreciate it :huggle:
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So very deserved, Mouselemur ! :la: Congratulations! Hug 
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Thank you so much :glomp: :la:
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Congratulations, and excellent work!!
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:clap: :clap: :clap: :clap: :clap: 
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aw, cute. nice to see this
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Congrats again, girls! :hug: Gefeliciteerd ook natuurlijk ;)
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Dankjewel Nancy :huggle: Dat is super lief!
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:nuu: Many congratulations my lovelies on receiving Deviousness! Aside from the amazing photography, you both are a bright light on DeviantArt that cannot be put out :blowkiss:
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Thank you, dear Phyllis, you are too kind :hug:
We hope and pland to be around for many years to come and plague you all with our photos :la:
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I can only hope so :glomp: :blowkiss:
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Thank you!
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Np! Sorry for the late reply.
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Congratulations on your award you two!! MOUSELEMUR
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Thanks so much Kitty :huggle:
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Congrats fam!
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Thank you :aww:
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No problem, my homeslice, breadslice, daug!
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