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In Recognition of Exemplary Membership and an Outstanding Spirit of helpfulness and mentoring within the DeviantArt community

Introducing Qinni


Heya, I’m Qing. I’m a background painter for an animation studio in Canada who likes to just draw my own concepts and girls for fun in my off-work time. This is why you won’t be seeing backgrounds in my personal work; I deal with it too much at work, hahaha.

I still remember the moment my highschool friend introduced me to DeviantArt, back in 2005. I grew up in a family that disapproved of me doing art, so I wasn’t allowed to draw at home. DA was really the place where I got the encouragement and confidence to try and convince my parents I wanted to become a professional artist.

I remember wanting to be just as skilled and well known as some of the artists here and it’s crazy to almost be able to see myself as their peer now. Sometimes I look back and I still reel at everything.

I used to do mostly digital art, but I’ve started to shift back towards traditional mediums in the past two years. There’s still a long way to go on this road, I hope you guys will be there with me on my journey. Thank you for this award.

February 2017

Deviousness Award Winner

Qinni is a deviant who strives to not only to better herself, but also the artists around her. In her nine years as a member of DeviantArt, she’s made an impact on a variety of communities—from digital and traditional, to animation. While her artwork is always spectacular, what makes Qinni such a valuable member of the community is her dedication to helping her fellow deviants grow by sharing tutorials and videos of her artistic process. In addition, Qinni has used her free time to share art features, bringing new eyes to her watchers’ artwork. Qinni’s kind soul, helpful tutorials, and open dialogue with her fans are what make her the ideal recipient for the February 2017 Deviousness Award.

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Qinni is one of the most remarkable artists I’ve ever met. Their works are full of emotion, wonder and hopes for a better future. Through the highs and lows in their life, Qinni kept creating inspiring works capable of illuminating even the darkest parts of our hearts and minds, turning negative thoughts and worries into hope and courage to go on with our lives. Qinni’s contributions to the art community are immeasurable. How blessed we are to enjoy Qinni’s incredible work.”

If I remember correctly, I discovered Qinni with the amazing short film Night Light, which got a daily deviation (or maybe it was the Fotolia contest…). It was an opportunity to discover an inspiring talented artist. I was at first attracted by the fantasy content of their gallery, but soon found out that what is truly remarkable about their work is the rendering of authentic emotions, making the characters look like they really have a soul. Qinni is, for many, a mentor and an asset for this community, not only by sharing their art, but also their knowledge. This is a well-deserved Deviousness Award, because DeviantArt needs Qinni’s work to show young - and not so young - artists that you can master your craft without losing the magic or stopping to draw what you like. We are lucky to have such a person to lead the way to artistic accomplishment.”

Before I knew it, I was under: Qinni’s pictures induce a lucid, dreamlike slumber. Her work was a discovery I made led by the warm glow of her luminous goldfish - bringing me back to a gallery which was teeming with more. There’s a powerful connection that’s made upon viewing her work, in spite of - or perhaps by aid of - the absence of a specific narrative being prescribed. This interpretation is left up to us - as Qinni’s subjects are as fluid and as suggestible as her aesthetic and its hypnosis. Meanwhile, there exists a beautifully distinct voice behind the art of Qinni fostering its enchantment. Her contributions to our community are surely cherished - and I’m sending my huge congratulations for her well-deserved Deviousness!”

There aren’t many people out there whose art has touched me in a way that Qinni’s art does each time she posts something. Her pictures are not only visually stunning, but she also manages to convey so many emotions it is impossible to pass by her gallery without stopping for a longer while. These past months I had a chance to get to know her a bit better and our small chats revealed that she is a funny and caring person who always helped me figure things out each time I asked for help. As an open-heart surgery survivor, Qinni shows her supporters that it is worth to be a fighter not only when it comes to getting better at art but in any aspect of life. I wish you all the best, Qinni, and I look forward to being taken into the magical world of your art once more :) (Smile) ! Congratulations on your Senior Membership!”

Qinni is an inspiration for a lot of deviants, her artworks are very beautiful and her original style is making them unique, it’s difficult to find an artist who has her own style and many people like it, she has achieved it and it’s thanks to their daily efforts/practice. Looking at her works I can deduce that she wants to show us her awesome dreams in a world full of fantasy and surrealism. When I visit her gallery it’s like entering in a fantastic world that you never want to go out. I like that she tries to express that not only in Digital media but also in the Traditional Art one. So we can appreciate how much control she has over what she is doing. She is very talented but the practice is the key, because you can be very talented, but if you can’t express what you feel “your talent can’t make the noise” to attract the attention of others. I suggest everyone to practice a lot everyday. Qinni congrats on your Deviousness Award Clap you really deserve it . Hope this award that means the support of the entire community will motivate you to keep up the good work , because sometimes we need to evade this world and venture into one full of magic, fantasy and wonderful dreams and you are the ELEMENT that can help us to do it by looking at your works. Never stop creating.”

Illustrator, musician, and animator just to name a few, Qinni is a multi-talented marvel! Or maybe she’s all the Muses combined. Just a glance at her gallery should be enough to convince you that this woman is divinity embodied. The only thing that rivals her talent is her kindness towards others and the DeviantArt community. Her Watcher’s Feature journals go above and beyond to recognize her followers and encourage the discovery and growth of budding artists. Indeed, her inner beauty is as dazzling as her art itself!”

Qinni’s art has soul. Charming, smart and even whimsical at times; Qinni’s journey as an artist has captivated me through the years. Wandering through her gallery has a kind of ethereal experience. Her creative vision rekindles some sense of childlike wonderment; and one becomes immersed in her artistic world like a Lost Boy in Neverland, never wanting to come home… Her art makes me smile, touches my heart and reaches to my soul. Qinni is an amazing human being; enhancing our lives by sharing with us her imaginative artistic journey.”

Qinni is one of the best visual story-tellers I’ve had the pleasure to admire so far!!! She inspires lots of emotions every time I visit her gallery, and it’s always a pleasure receiving one of her creations in my inbox!!! I’ve followed her deviations since quite some time, and every single time it’s like the first time, I’m at “awe”, trying to capture all the details! Her work is a pleasure, and her tutorials are very helpful and inspiring just as much as the beautiful things she creates!!! I cannot get enough of her beautiful gallery!!! She’s precious to me and this Award makes me super happy for her!!! CongraSUPERtulations, my dearest Qinni, I LLLLOVE YOUUUU!!!”

From the moment I saw Qinni’s gallery, I fell in love with her works. As a widely known artist both on DeviantArt, as well as on other social media sites, it’s great to see her interact with her fans/followers and any artist on various platforms and community. She is an accomplished artist in various mediums, from traditional water colours to digital painting and animation and uses them effectively along with her style to evoke emotion as varied as her works! Throughout the years, she has continuously developed her skill and various styles that she has, which is quite recognizable. It’s a pleasure to see her continue to evolve over time! Congratulations, Qinni

Congratulations to Qinni!

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