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Table of Contents

1. Thank You!
2. Daily Deviations and Groups
3. Volunteer Openings
4. Share Your Opinions
5. Community Projects
6. Official Contests
7  Project Educate 2011/2012
8. Art History Project
9. News from the Chats and Forums
10. News from the Galleries

1. Thank You!

I'd like to take a moment to issue a very important "THANK YOU" to YOU! The deviantART Community.  On the heels of our 12th Birthday, I've looked back at the projects that my team have undertaken and realized that in the last year, especially, the deviantART community has stepped up and helped to make projects like projecteducate and ArtHistoryProject successful.  Without your contributions, interest, faves, feedback and participation, projects like these would go no where.  I'm looking forward to more community interaction and participation projects and am always open to your feedback regarding projects or endeavors you'd like to see the Community Relations team or myself support or lead.  Please feel free to email me at at any time with any of your thoughts :)  Once again, Thank you so much for being the most amazing community ever!


2. Daily Deviations and Groups

There are a number of groups that exist strictly to try and suggest Daily Deviations and there is nothing wrong with these groups.  However, there are some misconceptions about Daily Deviations and groups.  When a DD selector receives a suggestion which is eligible and something they feel is of a quality they would feature, they will feature it regardless of where the suggestion came from and generally credit the individual (not the group) who sent the note.  These groups are awesome because they help to get people noticed and I fully support promoting yourself however, the implication that you're more likely to get a DD if you belong to them, is incorrect.

So in short, images of quality and distinction that appeal to the selectors are featured as Daily Deviations, regardless of the groups the image may belong to or whom selected it, the image stands on it's own merit :)

3. Volunteer Openings in Community Relations

If you're interested in learning more about being a volunteer on deviantART please read FAQ #85: Can I be a volunteer on DeviantArt?

To see current openings on the Community Relations volunteer team please check this blog

If there isn't a spot open please consider helping out from within the community.  Read How to be a guiding light and shining example by TanyaSimpson and So you Want to be a CV by Thiefoworld

4. Share Your Opinions!

I'm actively using my personal forum to try and connect more with the community and I have a series of threads:

:bulletpink: Questions for $Moonbeam13 or Community Relations? Ask here
:bulletpink: Suggestions for deviantART
:bulletpink: Gallery Changes or Addition Requests
:bulletpink: Suggestions for Project Educate

These forums are all accessible from my profile page at Moonbeam13 as well and I will be adding more. I encourage you to speak up and get involved! We're in this together :)

If you have a suggestion for a forum please send me a note! please do not create them yourself as it causes confusion on my page :) :thanks:

5.  Community Projects

:omg: Want to show your devious pride and get involved in ongoing Community Projects? Check out some of these!

6. Official Contests

Please note that all contests end on the deadline stated at 11:59:59 PM PST

:bulletpink: Bring Your Type to Life - A Typography Contest - Deadline August, 26, 2012
:bulletpink: Before and After Feedback Competition - Deadline August 31, 2012
:bulletpink: Epic Movie Poster Contest - Deadline August 31, 2012
:bulletpink: Children's Book Vexel Contest - Deadline September 27, 2012

deviantART 12th Birthday Contest

:bulletpink: Chinese Horoscope Contest - Deadline August 30, 2012

7. Project Educate 2011/2012

Daily Deviation Week

:bulletpurple: Welcome to Daily Deviations PE Week
:bulletpurple: PE Daily Deviations - The Myth and the Legend
:bulletpurple: PE Daily Deviations - So you want to suggest DDs
:bulletpurple: PE DD Week: Why did an icon get a DD?
:bulletpurple: PE: Tolerance Towards Daily Deviations
:bulletpurple: PE DDs: When It's Not Always Positive
:bulletpurple: A DD is not an award, but a feature
:bulletpurple: PE Interview with DD Suggester Minato-Kushina
:bulletpurple: PE Interview with DD Recipient omgitsacat
:bulletpurple: PE Daily Deviations - Presentation of your work
:bulletpurple: PE Note to Daily Deviation
:bulletpurple: PE Daily Deviations: What if...?

:bulletpurple: The Full Schedule

Get involved at projecteducate!

8. Art History Project

 Anyone can join/watch the Group - ArtHistoryProject
August is Graphics Month

9. Gallery Description Project

 Gallery descriptions are still ongoing with Photography now complete! We are currently looking at the Artisan Crafts Galleries and will be moving into a new area in September. If you have any suggestions on the Artisan Crafts suggestions, please feel free to contact and Artisan Craft CVs and share your thoughts!

10. News from the Chats and Forums

:bulletgreen: Bi-weekly Critique Nights
:bulletgreen: Chat Tutorial #1 - How to create a Chatroom?
:bulletgreen: Chat Tutorial #2 - What 'Privclasses' are?
:bulletgreen: Chat Tutorial #3 - Customizing your Chatroom
:bulletgreen: The LOL Corner #124, #125, #126
:bulletgreen: June's Forum Features : Celebration
:bulletgreen: July's Forum Features : Hot

11.  News from the Galleries

:bulletblue: Anthro

:bulletblue: Artisan Crafts

:bulletblue: Body Art & Modification

:bulletblue: Community Projects

:bulletblue: Cosplay

:bulletblue: Customization
:bulletgreen: Digital Dolls
:bulletgreen: Emoticons
:bulletgreen: Icons
:bulletgreen: Visualizations
:bulletgreen: Wallpaper

:bulletblue: Designs & Interfaces
:bulletgreen: Game Development Art

:bulletblue: DeviantART Related

:bulletblue: Digital Art
:bulletgreen: Fractal
:bulletgreen: Photomanipulation

:bulletgreen: Pixel Art
:bulletgreen: Vector
:bulletgreen: Vexel

:bulletblue: Fan Art
:bulletgreen: Fan Fiction

:bulletblue: Literature

:bulletblue: Photography

:bulletgreen: Abstract & Surreal

:bulletgreen: Animals, Plants and Nature
:bulletgreen: Architecture
:bulletgreen: Artistic Nude

:bulletgreen: Conceptual
:bulletgreen: Darkroom Photography

:bulletgreen: Fashion
:bulletgreen: Fetish

:bulletgreen: Horror & Macabre
:bulletgreen: People & Portraits
:bulletgreen: Pin-Up & Glamour

:bulletgreen: Still Life

:bulletgreen: Street
:bulletgreen: Urban & Rural

:bulletblue: Resources & Stock Images

:bulletblue: Space and Sci-Fi

:bulletblue: Text & Typography

:bulletblue: Traditional Art
:bulletgreen: Street Art & Graffiti

The Community Relations team exists to facilitate communication amongst deviantART's administration, volunteers and members. Our goal is to foster creative genius by encouraging artists to grow, collaborate and participate in a friendly and supportive artistic environment.
Watch communityrelations for up to date news and events!

Bi-monthly newsletter from the Community Relations Team.
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