Art Water - Skin the Bottle Competition Winners

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All of these winners will receive the following prizes:
        Their Winning Art on Art Water Bottles sold throughout the US | $1,500 USD + royalties
        8,000 deviantART Points | a 1-year Premium Membership to deviantART


Picture Lake

        by =puddlesInTheRoad         
Judge's Comments:

Pure, classic, clean photography with a modern twist is what this is all about for me. I love the reflection of the clouds in the water at the base of the bottle.


Tasty Tasty Art Water

        by ~kizioko         
Judge's Comments:

I love how the monsters and creatures are having a good time swimming in the water, but the robots are hiding under the umbrella extremely nervous.


Good Vibration - Art Water

        by ~shanahben         
Judge's Comments:

This really takes me back to a love story setting at the end of a very well designed video game where you just saved the princess and the credits are just beginning to roll.

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it looked as if all the entries were lovingly created.... art is such a personal thing..congrats to the winners!...I love the whales!!
Prepare-Your-Bladder's avatar
I don't like most of the winners, just seem dull to me
deathrattle3's avatar
can i still use the bottle template?
Keira-the-Wolf's avatar
These are boring as hell... I expected the skins to mean 'refreshing' and this is kinda..boring. Lime you expect to see these.

I wouldnt buy these waters. It doesnt scream 'art water' to me at all. Im disappointed.
This goes to show what "art" has been reduced to in the eyes of modern man.

The first and third, I have nothing good to say about, therefore I will not speak about them. The second, however, I have both positive and disappointment to speak of: talent wasted on saying nothing.

Judges, you have done a spot-on job of finding what the average American will find the most eye-catching. Your corporate decision is not an artful one. Your bottle lies.
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Don't buy bottled water. EVER.
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I don't see anything particularly special about any of the winners, but I can imagine seeing them on shelves in real life.

So they're average, but professional looking.
I guess that's what DA was looking for in the contest.
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do these go to stores?
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~outlawjackal should have won this contest,better art and more style than ALL of these guys combined.

These artworks are too basic,too simple and too obvious. Nothing special about them. It looks like something that only young women and kids would buy.
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I love that piece. But it would look incredibly distorted and weird on that bottle shape. D:
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i'm not in the mood to explain, but i don't see in any of the winners nor water, nor art, nor something I'll buy in some store when i'm thirsty =(
congrats for the winners, but no for the judges :\
first-and-last's avatar
totally agree with u!
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Not to be mean, the designs are great... but I'm still not very convinced (especially about the photo and digital one). Probably is just ambiguous for what I expected to "skin" a bottle. If the community is fine with it, then it's OK I guess.

Congratulations. :thumbsup:
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I have to agree with you,
the photography is so average ... looks like any other mineral water bottle that claims to come from some mountain ...

the digital art is soo slim and average that one too
IceVallejo's avatar
It's true... the photo concept is too generic and the digital one is just... well... I was actually curious to see what the winners would have come up with (I have two accounts and the message announcing them never arrived to either of them if I recall right, I had to go and search manually).

Makes me think that, probably, not even them were entirely convinced with the winners at all. Then again, could be me.
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the winners suck...
Moonbeam13's avatar
This comment does too.
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If I could fave comments...
yes, I was creepin' on old contests. lol
Moonbeam13's avatar
haha awesomeness
mamimichan's avatar
ahhaha whatevs.. its true..
Pieces-Of-My-Heart's avatar
Did you know that the energy required to produce bottled water is up to 2,000 times more than the energy required to produce tap water? Filtered tap water can also be 1000 times cheaper than bottled water.
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No one is ever going to pay attention to that, just you watch. Bottled water is worse for you, I'd even go as far as to say - it's BAD for you, same with environment. Bottled water has a negative charge... Which is why I'm going to be buying an alkaline filter soon. I'd rather see designs for some sort of water flasks than this. As if we need any more brands polluting the countries that the companies send their to-be-recycled bottles to!
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It would have really been difficult to chose the winners.

The design criteria was pretty much free open to interpretation, so its hard to say if one way of thinking for a design would appeal to the judges more compared to another.
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