Adoptable Creator Showcase: May 2024

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This monthly series highlights artists from the Adoptables community. Learn more about these artists, the art they make, and what inspires them to create. You’ll love this handpicked collection of adoptables, so consider buying some of their work!

Hr Dalogo By Corelounge De0cjsr  2  By Team Df0p9i


Hello Hello! 💛 I'm Ana, LifStrange is just my nickname, which was born by chance even before I started my journey on DA. I've been drawing for as long as I can remember, and I really love drawing outfits for characters, as well as fantasy art. I really love giving life not only to my characters, but also to the characters of other people on DA, depicting them in my works, or inventing an outfit for them. I try to improve all the time, and I am grateful to everyone for their support and trust in this matter! 💛

Lifstrange's Shop

[Open][Set price] Outfit 568+YCH version
[Open][Set price] Outfit 565+YCH version
[Open][Set price] Outfit 572+YCH version
[Open][Set price] Outfit 561+YCH version
[Open][Set price] Outfit 571+YCH version
[open][Set price] Outfit 553+YCH version


Hello!! I’m Sacri and I mostly make outfit adopts. My favourite thing to draw is oversized sleeves and I also experiment a lot with patterns! I do a variety of themes but I’m most comfortable with ouji, gremlincore and academia aesthetics. My audience and I are currently very into flowers & big scarves, so if that’s your thing, feel free to drop by ~

SacriHeid's Shop

CLOSED | $15/1200 pts | outfit adopts 2028 - 2030
CLOSED | $15/1200 pts | outfit adopts 2025 - 2027
CLOSED | $15/1200 pts | outfit adopts 2106 - 2108
OPEN | $15/1200 pts | outfit adopts 2109 - 2111
OPEN | $15/1200 pts | outfit adopts 2076 - 2078
OPEN | $15/1200 pts | outfit adopts 2090 - 2092


Hello! My name is Loa, I'm 22 years old. I love drawing dragons and lizards, I really like their variety. I've been on deviantart for about 5 years now. I have come quite a long way, I was able to gain a lot of followers during this time. I often list adoptions for sale. And I’m glad that people like my work, I will continue to do my work and develop.

Ameloa's Shop

[OPEN] Auction adopt
[OPEN] Auction adopt
[closed] Auction adopt
[closed] Auction adopt
[closed] Auction adopt
[closed] Auction adopt
Hr Dalogo By Corelounge De0cjsr  2  By Team Df0p9i

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