A Rant from the Witch

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I'm not sure what's in my coffee this week but man, I'm +rant that's for sure...

This one is a little more personal..

You are not a witch..

1. just because you call yourself one and in fact it's still very illegal in some countries, so think before you speak.

2. just because you saw The Craft/Charmed and thought it looks super-uber-cool and hell the chicks were hot.

3. just because you spell magic with a J

4. just because you like to threaten people with meaningless hexes in the hopes they will shake in fear and run away.

5. just because you like to wear black and scowl.

6. just because you have an affinity for cats.

7. just because you have a horrible condition that causes warts.

8. just because you're not smart enough to know pagan does not "automagically" imply witch.

9. just because all the cool kids are doing it.

10. just because you're not smart enough to come up with a better comeback to the abuse you bring upon yourself.

11. just because you bought "Tatiana's book of spells" from the bookstore.

12. just because you read Harry Potter and totally 'get it' now.

13. just  because you spent a ton of money on candles and incense and got all the instructions from one of those girls who dyes her hair black and listens to metal.

I would suggest that if you are one of the misinformed leeches who runs around screaming you're going to curse and hex people and 'OooOoo fear me',  you read up on the The Three-fold Rule and well as the The Wiccan Rede and then I would suggest you get the heck off my broomstick and find something new to call your fad.  

It's not my 'hexing you' you'll need to worry about, it'll be my slapping you upside the head for your stupidity that's going to really hurt.


Time is winding down to submit to my contest so let's see some more entries!! Save me from myself ;)

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cobalt225's avatar
indeed, my friend.
SleeplessSouls's avatar
ED brought me here, beautifully said, bravo. :clap::clap::clap::clap::clap:
Fubzinator's avatar
Yes it is truly amazing
Hime-Takamura's avatar
I... love... you... :D
DarkTheatre's avatar
For a long time I thought everyone knew this. Then i found the internet.
Condisendence's avatar
Unicorn-Cake's avatar
I agree with you. coming from someone here who is a Pagan born and bred ^_^ I :heart: you.
AbstractPagan's avatar
Completely true and hilarious! I study Celtic Shamanism and have been eclectic for gawd what now, nearly 18 years.
ManadaTehPanda's avatar
Truths, all of it! :nod: I only know one Wiccan aside from my mom, and yes she's a teenager, but she at least seems to be serious about it, and not all, "Omgawd I wear black and silver jewelry, I r so teh witch!". I myself don't practice any religion, but according to the idiots at my school, not having any religion/not believing in God is the same a devil-worshiping, which makes no sense, as to worship the devil you'd a) have a religion, and b) believe in God, because without God, Satan/The Devil doesn't exist. =P

Oh, and apparently it's (paraphrasing here) "...impossible to not believe in God!" according to one absolute genius in my Food I class. :lol:
angelsephy's avatar
You just became my new hero... I see too many people who think that paganism and wicca is about 'casting cool spells' and 'making people who cross them suffer'. I just read this on ED too, and I had to tell you just how awesome you are.

My mother is wiccan and she gets fed up with people misinterpreting and being overall stupid. So do I. Anyway, I hope this will enlighten more people and show them how stupid it is to think that magic that's meant for healing and support in your everyday life, is something that can be twisted for dark purposes. :hug:
PinkyMcCoversong's avatar
witchy love for you, danie! people like those above listed contribute to the negative stereotype.

not that i didn't enjoy the craft....
Jezzy-Fezzy's avatar
:lol: I read this bit on ED!

Way to go! :clap:

Uhh...:confused: Did *cough~DivineAngelcough* had a personal attack on you? :o
A-chan--Creations's avatar
Could it be that you're ranting about an individual who is not divine, and is certainly no angel? :lol:

Moonbeam13's avatar
I think she just spawned a rant that was sitting in there anyways :)
WhenPigsFry's avatar
I found a stick in the yard earlier and I pretend to shoot sparkley light out the end of it.... does that meet the qualifications? ;P
LenaSkates's avatar
My visual on that is hilarious...you should see it.
WhenPigsFry's avatar
It this close? -> :analprobe:
LenaSkates's avatar
:lmao: no!

Mine was more -> :jedi: :nerd:
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