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Laika and Puppy Fanart


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Octopus dance


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Laika and Puppy Fanart

DDs June 2024

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only one of us

DDs May 2024

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DDs April 2024

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An Animal Drawing Contest... with a twist!

Those of you who follow me know I draw animals, and that I'm (among others) a stock and resources CV - and that I host contests every once in a while. And now it's time to merge all these three into one :la: In this contest, I want you to draw or paint an animal. However, you need to use at least one stock image from DA in your artwork somehow. "Using" in this case means using the photo as a reference (for traditional or digital art), or using it directly (for photomanipulations). The stock image doesn't need to be of the animal themselves - it can also be used in the background, as part of the scenery, etc. You're obviously free to use multiple images in one artwork - if anything, that will give you bonus points :dummy: The rules To enter, you have to follow the instructions above. You can enter as many times as you want, but only win once. The artwork has to be new - you cannot enter already existing works. Mediums allowed are traditional art, digital art, and

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Fanart Friday: Avatar: The Last Airbender

There's a reason why Avatar: The Last Airbender resonates with viewers of all ages. It's so much more than just an animated children's show. Set in a world divided into the elemental nations of Earth, Fire, Air, and Water, it weaves together profound themes with unflinching authenticity and sensitivity. At its heart, ATLA is a morality tale exploring identity and purpose through the struggles of Aang and Zuko. Aang, the young Avatar, is weighed down by the immense responsibility of being a peacekeeper in a war-ravaged world, striving to uphold his principles of non-violence. Zuko, the banished Fire Nation prince, undergoes a gripping transformation from cruel aggressor to redeemed hero. Their arcs compel us to reflect on our own moral compasses and the complex interplay between duty and self-actualisation. But ATLA is more than mere entertainment. The show portrays unique cultures within its nations, drawing inspiration from real-world philosophies, cultures and belief systems. It

Fan Art Unleashed

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Adoptable Showcase - February 2024

This monthly series highlights artists from the Adoptables community. Learn more about these artists, the art they make, and what inspires them to create. You’ll love this handpicked collection of adoptables, so consider buying some of their work! @RayW0 My name is Ray, and I'm a digital artist who is passionate about bringing adoptable characters to life. I love coming up with outfits and designs for characters, and I have an endless desire to improve my skills. I especially find inspiration in the charming aesthetics of Japanese subcultures. Every character I create holds a piece of my heart, and they’re all truly special to me. ♥ RayW0’s Shop @RobertAsakura Hello, this is Ruthrefoard Brand! Have you imagined your character in a variety of looks, or do you like to see them in costumes that suit them well? I focus on adoptable outfit designs, and can make magic for your characters, mascots, and even Vtuber designs! I find outfit design to be very interesting, as it can

Adoptables Showcase

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The collector

DDs March 2024

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DDs February 2024

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Robo Trip

DDs January 2024

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Bonus for AB | HALLEY

DDs November 2023

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DDs December 2023

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DDs October 2023

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Unsele Vol 1

DDs August 2023

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Sanctuary (Animated)

DDs September 2023

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DDs July 2023

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Over and Under the Pond

DDs June 2023

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Healthy Soil

DDs May 2023

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Last light

DDs April 2023

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Nobuo Uematsu

DDs March 2023

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jay5 Set6

DDs February 2023

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A very sad day

DDs January 2023

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DDs December 2022

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 keeper of flowers

DDs November 2022

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Black Cats Coven

DDs October 2022

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VS Cursor 12.0

DDs September 2022

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Little fennec fox [stuffed toy]

DDs August 2022

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Animal breath: Wolf

DDs July 2022

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sun of tomorrow.

DDs June 2022

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Watercolor and ink, Kilchurn castle

DDs May 2022

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Updated Ladybug Illustration

DDs April 2022

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Death's-head Hawkmoth commission

DDs March 2022

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Field Fellow

DDs February 2022

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new borns

DDs January 2022

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Raccoon is artist with candles

DDs December 2021

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DDs November 2021

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Soot Sprites - Ghibli

DDs October 2021

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Tequila Macho teaser

DDs September 2021

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DDs August 2021

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Tea cup

DDs July 2021

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Sirene (traditional)

DDs June 2021

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DDs May 2021

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Awe Struck

DDs April 2021

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Little Star ending

DDs March 2021

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Portrait of a girl

DDs February 2021

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Light in the Snow

DDs January 2021

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Victorian Christmas (Book Folding)

DDs December 2020

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Misty Mountains

DDs November 2020

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The Roving Lunatic and his Rotting Kingdom

DDs October 2020

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DDs September 2020

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