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After the Storm


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DDs July 2021

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Sirene (traditional)

DDs June 2021

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DDs May 2021

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Awe Struck

DDs April 2021

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Little Star ending

DDs March 2021

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Portrait of a girl

DDs February 2021

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Light in the Snow

DDs January 2021

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Where To Go From 2020: Trap Heals on Motivation

DeviantArt spoke with Trap Heals, the creative agency for Black Lives Matter, to get insight on how art can echo the movement for social change. Read on to learn more and find out how you can get a new badge for your profile! Trap Heals, the creative agency for the Black Lives Matter organization, sat down with DeviantArt to talk about the political and cultural events of 2020, how art can shape movements, and more. This is the final journal of the series, and features their answer to the following question: Of the countless energizing moments of the BLM movement during 2020, which of these were the most personally motivating and encouraging? The 2020 election cycle definitely stands out to us as the most pivotal moment in recent history. With the residue of the former president still present in the world, it was deeply healing to see how many communities rallied around shifting the political landscape in this country, and even more specifically, it was inspiring to see how the state

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Weekly Artist Feature: ryky

Each week, we interview a different artist and share their art and featured answers on our official Facebook page. This week's featured artist is this month's @CoreLounge Creative Crate artist, @ryky! What motivates you to create art? Creating art is so relaxing for me, so just having a better day motivates me a lot! And of course I want to be better and better at what I do. Everyone has dreams and I want to fulfill mine too. What feelings do you want people to have that view your art? I want people to forget all the bad things in their lives, at least for a moment. So I want my art to give people happy and grateful feelings. Enjoying little things in life can save our lives. When you begin a piece, do you already have the concept in mind, or do you discover the piece as you go? What is your typical process? Sometimes I just draw, without thinking. Some of my personal artworks were drawn without any concept, and sometimes I was very surprised at what I created. And if I use some

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Custom Profile Tutorial

Your profile brings out your uniqueness! Hello Friends! I'm excited to have finished a tutorial on how to make your profile stand out and be fancy! If you have any questions, don't hesitate to ask me in the comments below :) Happy creating! ~ @KovoWolf Customize Your Profile Cover Image :deviantart: Dimensions: 1600px x 800px Let your art speak to those who visit your profile by adding a fancy cover image! Show off your best work, or make a custom image that really tells the viewer who you are! How To Change Your Cover Image Hover over the cover image area Click CHANGE COVER IMAGE Upload an image (it will be sent to your or choose an existing image from your gallery You can adjust your image up and down for the perfect fit Done! Customize Your Carousel Gallery :deviantart: Dimension: 1200px x 720 A fun way to greet your visitors, is you can create custom images for your horizontal carousel on the top section of your page! For example, I created a

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Victorian Christmas (Book Folding)

DDs December 2020

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Misty Mountains

DDs November 2020

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The Roving Lunatic and his Rotting Kingdom

DDs October 2020

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DDs September 2020

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DDs August 2020

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Atari Breakout


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The Princess Bride

Princess Bride

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Windows to the soul

DDs July 2020

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Lobster pots.


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A way to convert magic into electricity

DDs June 2020

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Dawn of history


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since october

I dream of waking loved, but wake in love only. Yet, the day still shines.


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Great Expectations

New Beginnings

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day 19

the stocks for happiness crashed on a thursday morning. serotonin dived. i couldn’t get out of bed until the late afternoon, chest heavy and mouth dry. investments are so difficult to predict.


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MerMay 2020 04


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Start with Love


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Industrial Loft - 3D ArchViz Project

DDs May 2020

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DDs April 2020

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Hazy Day

DDs March 2020

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Child of Surprise

DDs February 2020

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The fires do not distinguish            fauna or flora, they raze            the infinite lives,   built on generations              upon generations, who flee              their forever homes to become will-o'-wisps            of blackened forests, haunting            the land down under.            


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Blue Poppy

DDs January 2020

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Hand-painted tavern scene (Daily Deviation)

DDs December 2019

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Golden hour

DDs November 2019

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Monster Hunter World

DDs September 2019

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Dangerous alley

DDs August 2019

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Baked Creamy Chicken Taquitos

Culinary Delights

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DDs July 2019

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Avengers: Endgame

DDs May 2019

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How to DeviantArt: Watch

The state of Massachusetts is starting to re-open (relevant because it's where I live) and so is the world... And so is our community on the new DeviantArt! My goal was to get this tutorial written before it went live but alas, life gets in the way. But let's waste no time and get right into a tutorial to cover the new Watch area of DeviantArt! We'll cover the following areas: What is "Watch"? Where Is It? Parts of the Watch Page Managing Your Watch Feed (this section is a biggie!) Manage Who You Watch Recommended For You Shall we begin? What is Watch... Where Is It?! Watch is the page you'll visit when you want to view deviations (individual and group), posts, and more from the community members that you've added to your Watch list. On DeviantArt, to "Watch" someone is to follow their work. Simple as that! Watch is the place to find anything those you watch upload to DA. It's also where you can find new people to follow and manage your watch list. But we'll get to all of that


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Alice in Wonderland

DDs April 2019

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Purple Wedding


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HBO Fan Art

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Splice Contest - BULL-SHARK

sea creatures

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Wonder Woman and sword

wonder woman

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Two Dollar Chinese Dragon


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moonbeam13 fanart

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Laughing Man

AX2008 Photos

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artbook cover

World of Warcraft

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