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In true deviantArt fashion I'm deviating from my series, briefly, though not intentionally.

I was toying with my inspiration to shoot my umbrella superstition and after an hour of frustration with the boring state of the average umbrella.. lights were shining, umbrellas were spinning.. and the shutter was opened.

Experimenting with different concepts and ideas is one of the deep benefits of photography. I put a lot of myself into every shot and it connects with me on a very personal level. What fascinates me even more, is to hear your interpretations of it. Lesson learned today, 'Don't be afraid to play'
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*sits down to twirl umbrellas with this one for a while before collecting it*
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This little elf got caught! :D (Big Grin) 
Elves in the bag: 196
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the hypnotizing swirly umbrella can't save u mr. elf! :shakefist: although it is... distracting... and... ooh shiny~
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I came, I saw, I FOUND! Pirate Flag by OliverInk Smiley Pirate Black Armed - 038 by Connerieman
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