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2B Nier

By Moonarc
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We already reached 3k watchers, thank you for your support so far..
as a celebration and thank you here is the full resolution image that you can download and use it as your wallpaper. ^.^ 

at this point I feel like I have to improve, moving out from my comfort zone and accept the challenge.
(I hope Im not too lazy to do that),  hahaha

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Very lovely 2B legs and pose.

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HoogermanHobbyist Writer
One of the visual details that really stood out to me in Neir was the authentic texture of the character's clothes. To see it captured here in pristine detail is oh so satisfying :)
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mais il n'y a pas un petit problème à sa main gauche ?
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TheBurning1Hobbyist Writer
Love it
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st3901Hobbyist General Artist
Amazing artwork! I used it as my facebook cover pic and credited you ^^
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DFroGGotten1Hobbyist General Artist
Did you give Kozuguru permission to sell this as a playmat?…
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XStreamChaosOfficialHobbyist Digital Artist
Sexy~ ;D
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MasterSaruwatariStudent Writer
thigh high goddess.
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Dante-564Hobbyist Digital Artist
relaxing from the game...
even if she didn´t survived the game. =,(
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Thanks for the spoiler!
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Dante-564Hobbyist Digital Artist
focus on the art and not on the comments. ;)
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Thanks for being a dick with a retarded mentality sir!
Oh, and focus on the art? What an excuse!
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Dante-564Hobbyist Digital Artist
And don´t know you, but you are welcome.
Oh and you should do that too.
I mean this website is called DeviantART and not DeviantComments. ;)
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Ehm,but she does survive though.
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So.. why bother to write a comment then? It's DeviantART, right?
But for real, throwing spoilers like this aint cool, at least put an alert or something
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Wasterbull Digital Artist
When the Deviation/Art/Upload is Just Right (icon) A masterpiece!
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colin6969Hobbyist Photographer
A fine piece ! :)
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Very nice
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A bit of constructive critique - the heels are not symmetrical, noticeably so. The one on her right foot is fine, but the one on her left is far too flat and short. A suggestion to improve is to overlay a rough template on a separate layer of the proper angles for one, then copy it over to the other and then mold it to the perspective lines. It will help tremendously in the future.

Otherwise the piece looks very nice and well proportioned!
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Great-Star-MangakaHobbyist Digital Artist
i think the same thing plus the tights a little broken  ?  maybe the hip too ?  
Anyway You Did a really good piece of art keep going
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Awesome work! I like that you made a really nice laid back piece for this, it all comes together very well :)
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