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Virus : Viral protein synthesis by mooname

Greeting at all, creating a representative reflection of a mutation, not by defining an abstract Crysalide to a new species for a new era...

Virus (復活の日 Fukkatsu no hi), literally "Day of Resurrection" is a 1980 post-apocalyptic science fiction movie directed by
the great master : Kinji Fukasaku and based on a novel written by Sakyo Komatsu...see my VJ mix on it at vimeo : [link]

Thank you a thousand times the artists who inspire me by their incredible work of stock, I hope always find more inventiveness and originality, I thank particulary for this artwork:

:iconanniesue-stock: for her amazing stock in a beautifull lighting at : [link] and : [link] with : [link] more: [link] and more : [link] and the last : [link]

:iconfxsanyi: for his great cells stock at : [link]

:icond-is-for-duck: for her incredible hands stock at : [link]

:icongeoectomy-stock: for his amazing decay texture at : [link]

:iconkittyd-stock: for her so cool new hair brushes at :

:icontdarwin: for his so great hackers virtual world at : [link]

:iconxdante-stock: for her beautiful textures at : [link] and : [link]

listen to my mix of electronica affiliated : [link]
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© 2012 - 2022 mooname
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AnnieSue-stock's avatar
Wow. Thank you for including my stock in such amazing work :happybounce:
mooname's avatar
it is I who thank you, your series of photos is beautiful,
it is an honor to work with your stock,
a good day :D
FxSanyi's avatar
Awesome! Keep up the good work! :highfive:
mooname's avatar
thank you so much, trully honored :D
FurorArt's avatar
strange work,but interesting :clap:
mooname's avatar
I also find, but I like the result between Crysalide and mutation, however, it was difficult to superimpose the body in a set that defined my subject is the viral mutation in phase 5 : "Viral protein synthesis" on a film of Kinji Fukasaku I mounted vj clip at this address : [link]

I thank you enough for your Encouragment :love: , I wish you a great week and see you soon for new adventure :hug:
geoectomy-stock's avatar
Wow. It's for images like this that we offer our stock. Thanks for sharing!
mooname's avatar
thank you very much for your encouragement and your support, it is an honor to have created a work that showcases your beautiful texture :D
FIYAS's avatar
Disturbing, the colours and effects are great.
mooname's avatar
thank you very much for your comment, I think the purpose of the work is acquired :D
FIYAS's avatar
You are welcome.
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