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The Atomic Brain: extended

Artwork to make the final mix for this week, you can listen to and watch the clip on this address on

I thank all the artists who hugely help me by their incredible stock to make this work, in particular:

:icondeathrockstock: for her beautiful Mad Scientist model at: [link]

:iconleandrasstock: for her amazing white feather at:

:iconfudgegraphics: for his incredible grunge nebulae texture pack at: [link]

:iconmysticbubblesz: for her beautiful cosmic beach at:

:iconatomic-stock: for his so great cloud stock: [link] and car light: [link]

:iconakumatataka: for his so cool brain render at:

:iconjacoblaren-stock: for his amazing textures abstract at:
[link] and: [link]
with more: [link]

:iconda-requests: for his incredible human brain stock at:

:iconisostock: for his so cool smoke stock at:

:icondknucklesstock: for his always great grunge texture at:

:iconblaxbla: for her beautiful cosmic texture effect at:

:iconlilcal20: for his amazing space blur effect at:

:icontigers-stock: for her incredible grunge frame at:
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Thank you so much :D
Shades-Of-Lethe's avatar
Unique and creative... very, very interesting work! I love it!
mooname's avatar
Thank you very much for your comment, it affects me a lot :D
AkumaTataka's avatar
glad that i could help. I should be coming out with more renders and etc here soon.
mooname's avatar
thank you very much, I will closely follow your next creation, have a good weekend :D
pitkon's avatar
mooname's avatar
thank you so much :D
pitkon's avatar
My pleasure :)
mooname's avatar
your welcome :D
FurorArt's avatar
hi my friend! very creative work :heart:
mooname's avatar
Greeting my dear friends, thank you very much:heart:
it's really nice to see you again :ahoy:
I hope you go very good holiday :happybounce:
FurorArt's avatar
It was awesome :la: Spain and especially Catalunya are beautiful places.
We have visited the house of Gala and Dali in Port Lligat
and his museum in Figueres, Galas castle in Pubol... and Barcelona :iconkermityayplz:
It was a great experience!!
mooname's avatar
wonderful journey :happybounce:
I hope you have a head full of memories,
ideas galore, following the track of the master,
you have the drink from the fountain of surrealism and the taste was certainly surprising :wow:

"The only thing the world will never be quite the exaggeration. "
Salvador Dali
FurorArt's avatar
My head is really full of memories :love:
We have spent a lot of time to look at his artworks.
It was a pleasure to see the original work in Figueres :happybounce:
I do not think he inspired me more now.
One should try to find own style.
He was a Master and I'm just a worm.
mooname's avatar
these are exceptional times and I think it will remain etched in your work,
it is undeniable, you already have your own style the "dark metal surreal spirit" it is a fact and if you're a worm :wormnomnom:
I am a amoeba :zombie:
and I doubt that these primitive creature,
but nevertheless useful as the basis for evolution,
one such conversation on the web :D
FurorArt's avatar
Thank you my friend for your kind words :iconbowplz:
This primitive creature has the power!
They can even kill the humans :giggle:
But honestly, you're right, each organism is important.
What would we be without the variety...
mooname's avatar
Unfortunately, the variety becomes scarce, every time I go out I have a feeling that the world is populated only by clones, then it is clear we must grown our uniqueness as a trademark, imagine Dali with a V-neck and small city shoe, a classic cut and shaved monstache a true horror film, I think we have attacked people in the street with his brushes to give them a few colors, if they could repaint their souls as it will not hurt, if you know a special color for this application, it remains to discover and work:D
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