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I. Paradigm

A paradigm is a representation of the world, a way of seeing things, a consistent pattern of worldview based on a defined base (disciplinary matrix, or theoretical model of thought). It is a form of rail thought whose laws should not be confused with those of another paradigm and, if necessary, can also hinder the introduction of new solutions best suited... source wikipedia: [link]

I want to thank all the artists who help me achieve this creation by their amazing stock in particular:

~SadMonkeyDesign-res for his alway amazing space stock at: [link]
and: [link]

~data-flux for her so great data-flux textures pack at: [link]

:iconbeyzayildirim77: for her always incredible space work of stock at: [link]

:iconpaulinemoss: for her beautiful nebula stock at: [link]

:iconex-astris1701: for her always wonderful nebula texture at: [link]

:iconfetishfaerie-stock: for her always incredible light painting stock at: [link]

:iconihaveareallycoolname: for her always amazing layout texture at: [link]

:iconhameed: for his always splendid planet stock at: [link]
and: [link]

:iconmjranum-stock: for his beautiful "White on Black" model stock at: [link]
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wow, thank you so much :D
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very good stuff, nice work.
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thank you so uch for your comment :D