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Sadie | 13 | Scorpio

Hi. I'm just a 13-year old girl person artist who likes to draw ponies.

Did I mention I'm from Australia?
Music -Pink- by RavesAngel Music -Pink- by RavesAngel
muffin n coffee. -f2u by kittoko


Base #1

No plagiarism
Fraken-Dolling is allowed if it's ok with the other base maker
You can use this for requests/commissions/collabs/art trades
Take your time, more than 5 minutes. I hate seeing sloppy manes
You don't have to link back your artwork, the mention system does it for you - which is why I'm disabling comments
Have fun!
How to give proper credit:

@/Moon-Dungeon (without the "/") so it should appear as:

:icon/Moon-Dungeon: (without the "/") so it should appear as:
Base© Belongs to me
Pepper Mint - Reference

Name: Pepper Mint
Nicknames: Pepper, Peppy, Pep, Mint, Minty, Pint, PM
Species: Pegasus (Rarely Flies)
Gender: Female
Sexuality: Bisexual (mostly attracted to females, making her a ""bisexual lesbian"")
Age: 16
Talent: Making Sweets


Coat Colour: Mint green with white wing gradients
Mane/Tail Colour: Red and White
Mane/Tail Style: Long/Messy, Resembles Trixie's Tail/Back Mane
Eye Colour: Hot Pink
Cutie Mark: A Pink Peppermint Lolly-Pop

-Other Facts-

Blood Type: O+
Health: Neutral
Alignment: Good
Occupation: Unknown (Possibly a Candy Maker)

Pepper Mint© Belongs to me
Base© Belongs to SelenaEde
Next Gen - Evening Harmony
Name: Princess Evening Harmony
Nickname(s): Harmony, Princess Harmony, Dear (by Rarity) Our Little Princess (by her Parents)
Sexuality: Straight
Species: Pegasus
Occupation: Princess
Relatives: Twilight Sparkle (mother), Flash Sentry (father), Flurry Heart (cousin), Unnamed Brother, Unnamed Cousin, Shining Armor (Uncle), Princess Cadence (Aunt)
Personality: Kind, Caring, Friendly, can get assertive at times
Likes: Friends, Foals, Reading, Flying, Her Parents
Dislikes: Her Princess Attire, Being Distracted, her Enemies/Arch-Nemesis's
Evening Harmony© Belongs to me
Base© Belongs to SelenaEde


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