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John Biles, a well-known and respected SailorMoon fanfiction writer for many years, came up with extended headcanon based off of a question asked of JetWolf, another fan of the series. The question itself deals with how each of the Inner Senshi would handle their wedding. John pointed out that any wedding needs the spouse to be wed, and so chose Umino Gurio as the constant in the wedding experiment. I thought that was just too cute, especially since John also came up with mini headcanons about how each pairing came to be.

The original question and Jet's response can be found here:…
John's extension and headcanon can be found here:…

(Incidentally, the original question was mine on anonymous. :giggle:)

So, using John's headcanon as a springboard, this contest will be to design children of Umino with any of the Inner Senshi, Mamoru, Naru, or Usagi. However, you MUST use John's headcanon as your entries' basis. You can of course expand on the original headcanon, but you can't have Rei and Umino dating before they got married since John wrote them as getting married on accident in Vegas, for example.

1. The child must be of Umino and Ami, Rei, Makoto, Mamoru, Minako, Naru, or Usagi only.
2. You must read John’s headcanon and incorporate it to some degree into your character’s background.
3. Your character must have at least one paragraph of information over his or her appearance, background, personality, etc.
4. At the bare minimum, your entry must be a polished sketch.
5. Any artistic medium is acceptable.
6. You must not steal or trace from other artists. Base edits, coloring book blank edits, and sprites are acceptable as long as you credit the original makers.

Deadline: All entries must be submitted in a note by September 1st at midnight Central Time.
Judging/Voting: TBA
Prizes: TBA


John Biles' Umino Gurio Romance Headcanon
Ami + Umino:  Given his interest in earthworms, ants, and other living things, we can assume he grows up to be a biologist and he and Ami attended the same university and many of the same classes and thus got together.  Instead of a fancy ceremony, they write a paper together, laying out the formal reasons why they should get married, the goals they hope to accomplish and the future they envision.  They go to the judge and get the paperwork done, but then they hold a marriage party, which is organized for them by Rei and features their favorite food and a shrimp-flavored cake which Makoto made and *no one* is allowed to complain about (even if she can’t believe Ami’s going along with it).  Umino cries while he cuts the first piece for Ami and they end up covered in crumbs, but he doesn’t care, because they’re Ami’s crumbs and precious to him.

Makoto + Umino:  This probably comes from him tutoring her through high school and college. Instead of going to graduate school immediately, he works as a labtech to help raise money for Makoto’s restaurant.  Once that is up and running, they can afford for him to go to graduate school.  But first, they want to get married, finally.  Because Rei is Makoto’s dear friend, they have a Shinto style ceremony at the temple.  Rei basically drills Umino for weeks, fearful he is going to somehow screw it up.  Eventually, she comes to see he’s just as determined as she is and just as worried, given he’s never been Mr. Coordination.  It is only at this point Rei can really accept him marrying her.  The rehearsal dinner is cooked by Makoto herself and she caters her own wedding because she is so grateful for everyone’s help.  She makes Umino his favorite food but keeps him from touching the other food; she loves him but knows he has some weird tastes.  The wedding is interrupted by Makoto’s old boyfriend showing up and Umino throws shrimp at his face; it turns out he was a monster all along and the wedding is wrecked by a giant brawl which ends with everyone in tattered clothing and Usagi is sitting on the cake (this does not stop her eating it.)  Makoto feels despondent, that she got violent at her own wedding, but Umino kisses her and tells her he loves her strength and then Rei declares them married and shoves them off into a bedroom before anything happens she might have to WATCH.

Rei + Umino:  This is the hardest one to justify.  Either Rei or Umino has to change for this relationship to actually happen.  Or this…  Rei and Umino wake up in a wedding chapel in Vegas, passed out on the floor.  They’re now wearing matching rings; Minako just got married and they all had to go to Vegas because SHE was getting married here.  Now they find out they somehow got so drunk they got married just to defy Pluto, who said they were the least likely two people to get married.  It’s clearly going to be BURNING MANDALA time soon.  Hopefully, Pluto’s dress has insurance.  FIRE insurance.

Minako + Umino:  No one actually thought they would get it together enough to get married; they got together, broke up in a huge fight, got together, broke up again, dated other people, shouted dramatically at each other from passing trains, dropped pamphlets from airplanes about how awesome/awful/both the other was, and saved each other’s lives.  (This Umino became one of Mamoru’s ‘new guardians’, inheriting the powers once wielded by the Generals, along with Motoki and two other people Mamoru knows off-screen in canon.)  Both were given to grand gestures and pragmatism in alternation, because they could both think deeply if they wanted to… they’d just rather go WAY over the top when possible.  Minako’s proposal comes in the form of having a skywriter spell out ‘Umino Gurio, will you marry me?’  Umino, having heard her call all her friends about her brilliant plan, has a passing blimp ready which says ‘Yes, I’ll marry you’.  It’s at that exact moment that the apocalypse which destroys modern civilization begins when armies of flaming warriors rain from the sky.  They exchange informal vows and kiss and then fight the invasion.  Months later, when the smoke clears, they have a formal wedding which nearly doesn’t happen because Minako cannot find enough Elvis impersonators to rain from the sky and Usagi got hungry and ate the wedding cake she made for them.  Rei holds them both down until they formally swear the vows, Neo Queen Usagi signs the wedding liscence and then the backup wedding cake is stolen by giant ant monsters.  Cue battle royale.

Usagi + Umino:  In this very alternate universe, Tuxedo Mask was Umino all along and EVEN GOOFIER than the canon one.  Also, he does things like trap Sailor Moon’s enemies in giant ant farms.  (Mimete is still there as of the wedding.)  This is basically the only way Usagi’s wedding could be soppier than you know it will be in canon.  Umino is a 1000% Romantic and so is Usagi and they basically are disgustingly gushy 24-7, even when they sleep.  They have a western style wedding.  Usagi is AGONIZED over deciding who will be Head Bridesmaid.  She attempts to declare ALL of them to hold this job, but they decide Naru should be her Head Bridesmaid, since she was the Head Bridesmaid for Naru and Nephrite’s wedding.  (Very alternate universe.)  Naru takes over the wedding, while ensuring Usagi and Umino feel they are making the decisions, since they’re too busy freaking out and gushing to actually manage things and she now runs her family jewelry store.  Makoto makes Usagi’s wedding dress, Rei arranges for a priest she knows from her Catholic school days to preside, Minako and her band perform the music, and Ami creates the wedding website, mailing list, cell phone calling list, and everything else which ensures success.  Just as they’re about to say ‘I do’, Jadeite’s eternal sleep coffin falls through the roof, and chaos ensues.  No one knows this is Pluto’s contribution to the wedding to let them all blow off some steam.

Mamoru + Umino:  This is basically the union of two people prone to DRAMATIC GESTURES, except that one is an introvert (Mamoru) and the other an extrovert (Umino).  But they’re both biologists with similiar tastes in clothing, so…  They got together after Mamoru mentored Umino in college; he was in grad school, Umino was undergraduate; they ended up setting up a gardening supplies store and service; Motoki works with them, waiting patiently for Reika to bring world peace, cure cancer and invent a decent ten cent cigar so she will be allowed to finally graduate and live on the same planet as Motoki (she’s on the new moon base now, having been roped in to the secret project to ‘find the moon princess’ headed up by crazy Astronomer guy from the S movie).  Umino is the front-man, who puts on crazy costumes, films ads with his phone in which he shouts about how they will SAVE YOU MONEY and your plants will GROW LIKE CRAZY when Mamoru’s TENDER HANDS caress them back to life and oooo… Then Motoki deletes the ad and forces him to redo it.  When Serenity takes over, she legalizes same-sex marriage, and they FINALLY tie the knot but everyone agrees that they’ve really been married for a long time.  Umino’s original plan would cost roughly half of the global budget of the Earth and has to be cut down to reasonable levels (admittedly, this is the budget of an Earth recovering from apocalypse.)  Mamoru quietly arranges with Motoki to make it a triple wedding; Motoki finally marries Reika, Mamoru marries Umino and Neo Queen Usagi marries Naru.  Phantom Galaxy 989 shows up to try to steal Naru’s energy and is clobbered by the wedding party, finally finished off when Minako beams the essence of every ad Umino has ever filmed into his brain.  He explodes and the fireworks light the cake on fire… but it was a flaming dessert anyway, so that’s fine.  It spares Rei the effort of igniting it. (The wedding is western style and the cake is a triple decker with one couple on each of the decks.)

Naru + Umino:  Naru has two problems.  One is that Usagi has to be head bridesmaid but she knows that Usagi has less organizational skills than a puppy.  Secondly, she knows that monsters WILL attack her wedding if she doesn’t head them off.  The first part isn’t so bad; she appoints Usagi as Head Bridesmaid, then quietly asks Rei to ‘assist’ Usagi.  That will ensure their wedding will be organized smoothly.  She spends lots of time going over stuff with Usagi and bathing in her enthusiasm to keep her own spirits up as things move forward.  The second problem is the monsters.  By now, she knows that even if SHE gets her attack out of the way, each and every guest essential to the affair is a possible target.  Umino gathers intelligence for her on who has the most enthusiasm, dreams, and other things which she knows by now get you targetted.  She goes ahead and runs around shouting about her hopes and dreams at night alone until she gets hit, then begins arranging to meet people in isolated places so they can get their attack over and done with.  Finally, by the time of the wedding, she’s quite sure it will go unmolested… except  the evil overlord has realized that she was around every time he attacked someone.  So he kidnaps her just before the wedding.  Her sheer frustration over this after all her effort blows up his entire dimension and the Senshi bring her back; she gets married, twitching the whole time and finally stumbles off to bed with Umino cuddled up to her as she mumbles about sore losers and people who can’t follow the rules.  Then  they honeymoon quickly before the next evil overlord can show up.  (It’s a western style wedding, btw, since Umino already has a tux.)
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Group rules.

1. No gore, hentai or adult material. Artistic nudity is of course welcome, but keep it to the level of the Sailor Moon manga. PG-13 or below, please! There is now a separate folder for adult pictures, please use this.
2. Characters from the Sailor Moon universe only, please! We love all kind of crack, but this is the M.S. MoonCrack! :giggle:
3. No dollmaker-dolls. Edits and bases are okay, as long as most of the work is your own. Please PM us if you're wondering if your art is applicable or not.
4. Please don't add messy sketches, WIPs and 2 min doodles to the club. Clean line-art and sketches are allowed, but only if you're not planning on doing more with them. If you are going to work on it more, wait until you're done before you add.
5. This really goes without saying, but no stealing. Only submit your own art!
6. If it's not apparent from your submission please explain how your character is a crack character. If we can't tell just by looking at the submission (drawing and description) it will be declined.

Where should I submit?
All galleries should have pretty self-explanatory names, and all have a short description about what kind of art they should contain. Try to use the gallery that suits best (e.g. a crack child in her senshi form should go in the crack senshi' gallery, while a crack child in civilian form should be in 'crack children'). If there are submissions that should go in several galleries (such as fanfiction) we'll do out best to make sure it gets duplicated into the proper places.

Thank you, and happy submissions! :la:

Where gets into the featured folder?
For the moment; a little bit of everything. In the future we might make another arrangement for it, but that depends on what you, the members, want! :D










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