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'The Guardian' KOS MOS ver 4

This is the colored version of Guardian version of KOS MOS. A little late in coming in colored form but heck we're all busy in life no? I'll probably rework the transform version of her as well later on.
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Is this just me or kos mos looks like OO Raiser?
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Now that I look at them, yeah it kinda does.
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this and the sketch of this is only thing related to the Guardian Legend you have? Do you have a plane mode of this character?
moon-child-reo's avatar
I'll get to it eventually. I've got a doodle floating around of what it would look like in Fighter Mode.
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This looks awesome!
chocokoneko's avatar
Man, this is still amazing every time I look at it. You did a great job! :) You need to do MOAR because MOAR!!
Havoc-Hedgehog-Gamma's avatar
Does this... have any inspiration drawn from The Guardian Legend?
moon-child-reo's avatar
Exactly. Hence the "Guardian" moniker. She can transform into fighter form, which I have yet to make. I have a shell-less version, but not one where its just the fighter.
Havoc-Hedgehog-Gamma's avatar

The Guardian Legend...



You are the greatest person to ever live. Srsly.
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I really liked this design. Good work. =)
PhantasmaStriker's avatar
Pretty cool, neat KOS-MOS design. +fave! :D
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