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Human Color Palette (Remastered)



[edit] Fixed the text wrapping and made it a bit more reasonable size
Palette now has labelling so in the future you can tell me a letter and number if I'm doing something in color for you and you don't have a ref for the character.

I've pulled various skin and hair colors from a huge variety of places in the past, and I figured it was time I unified it all into one file.  There's a huge variety of color in humans, and I haven't seen a very big range of tone in the color references I've looked at; so I figured I'd go ahead and upload this one.  It's not just a matter of light skin/dark skin or blond/brunette, there's also olive skin, reddish skin, reddish-brown hair, natural black hair and blue-black hair.  

In the dark reds, I have both naturally occurring and dyed colors in here, as a general rule the more orange or auburn tones are natural and the more ruby-red or pinkish tones are dyed.  The same goes for my three darks, the bluish one is clearly a dyed tone while the brownish one is natural and the gray/green one is ambiguous.  

There's also a much bigger variety in blue eyes than a lot of people realize.  I see it as the three types marked; teal blue, cyan or ice blue, and indigo.  

Also, hazel eyes sometimes have a dark yellow-green ring around the edge (my father does, for example), so have fun with that.  

Of course, this is basically limited to naturally occurring human colors or hair dyes that mimic natural colors; but that isn't to say you can't have a character with bright blue hair or violet eyes (which are rare, but do occur in nature), this is just a springboard I use when designing humans.  

Download for full resolution (it's (still) huge); free to use for anything (seriously, you can even steal this for all I care.  Credit is nice, though.)
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Thank you so much! You have no idea how much this helped! :)