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I felt like quickly drawing Flora from Twokinds. I honestly have no idea why. This was done pretty quickly and simply, or at least it felt like it to me, but it was a lotta fun.

Why the book? Well, in the comic, someone offers to teach her to read.. I thought it'd be fun to show her first attempt at figuring out a book ^^;
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Beautiful  and gorgeous posing and drawing. :)
Shadowkey392's avatar
I hope that's not the book of Basitin black magic!
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She has the book upside-down. How can you expect someone who's just started
reading to know how to read upside-down?
ChrisTheKitty's avatar
awwww soooo cute. :meow:
ChrisTheKitty's avatar
Hehe your welcome. :meow:
ladyspritzy's avatar
And obviously the book's upside down
MOOMANiBE's avatar
But of course!
Talongrasp's avatar
If she can read upside-down, she's a genius.

But, I don't think that'll happen. Not just yet, anyways. ;p
myarter's avatar
she is reading some bad stuff.
она не умеет читать
JohnTheCat1's avatar
Nice expression! :lmao:
GTHunt's avatar
thoughts running through her head (i think i'll just stick with meow)

I love it =]
HELLISH-Werewolf's avatar
i hate to sound perverted but it looks liek shes mastrabateing
Protator's avatar
oh nos...., silly flora. She's reading backwards again. *g*

MOOMANiBE's avatar
XD. Thanks! Flora's fun to draw, especially when she's being silly. Striiiipppeeees ^_^
iwantanimac's avatar
Hehe, love the expression and the pose. =]

She'll get it eventually, I'm sure...
MOOMANiBE's avatar
XD It always amazes me how this drawing, a year and a half old now, still amasses watches and favs. Flora seems to be magnetic like that.
iwantanimac's avatar
Heh, she does have that talent, doesn't she... =P
MOOMANiBE's avatar
XD yes, yes it is.
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