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Bagheera Prowls

Whoa this took me quite a while to do. Trying to figure out different things on Photoshop elements. The leopard was originally more blue, but I changed the colours through that neat "enhance colour" selection. The "detail" on the leaves was the last thing I did, and at that point I was getting bored ^_^

No photo reference used, so there are mistakes I'm sure, but I'm quite happy overall with this. This time last year I couldn't have produced anything like this at all :)

Yay The Jungle Book!

Fullview/download is probably best

I made it into a print by mistake!

EDIT: Tried my best to change the head and make it more leopard-ish; hopefully it worked

Here's the original version with the silly head: [link]

and just for fun here's the WIP where he's blue (also with silly head)
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