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April 6, 2017
Onmyoji Ready to fight by wifc features wonderful light play and dark moody color
Featured by TsaoShin
Suggested by Catgirldstr11
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Onmyoji Ready to fight

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This is breathtaking… but why Enma and Iba together tho?
joeFJ's avatar
Please tell me you take commissions?
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Vesthalara's avatar
Omg so beautiful! I love the palette :D
SamuraiShinai's avatar
Ah, DeviantArt's eye candies. One can never have enough of em, is it not ?!!
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KatyLipscomb's avatar
This is so beautiful!  I love the colors and the dynamic composition.  A well deserved DD for sure! <3
Nice work!!!!!
mea00's avatar
Very nice! Congrats on the DD
LadyofAzzaroth's avatar
Soooo gorgeous :love: <333
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Congrats on the DD! :)
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KatyLipscomb's avatar
OH MY GOODNESS! THAT IS INCREDIBLE!  paybuzz7 really sounds like a miracle!  paid on the laptop? how cool and modern. so easy! A half a million dollar condo?  She must be raking in.  Why isn't everyone doing this.  Totally applying tomorrow.  If only I had known sooner...would have saved me a lot of money spent on college.  Thank you so much for spreading your wisdom through deviantART oh mighty bot. 
rex-raxon's avatar
congratulation Hug Clap 
you deserve it.
you are an inspiration !
Well done , again !
Mr-Ripley's avatar
Fantastic work!
Kertae's avatar
Absolutely delightful. Congrats on the DD!
Xykun's avatar
Awesome painting ! Gratz for the DD ! ᵔ‿ᵔ
Catgirldstr11's avatar
Congratulations wifc ! This is truly an epic composition. Thank you so much for featuring TsaoShin !
Grace-Zed's avatar
:wow: This looks so awesome! Excellent work! :thumbsup: 

Congrats on the DD~!!! :clap: 
spacesailor10's avatar
lol 2 DD in a row, nice!
Very cool piece, congrats on the DD.
thekarmikbob's avatar
I 2nd that.  Lovely.  Excellent coloration.  Fantastic shading.  This belongs on a wall.  Where's the #DD?
sokesamurai's avatar
This should be official game art, It's just that beautiful.
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