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Driftin' Tramps Memories

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UPDATE: Well I updated this thing finally with the newest updates I had done to the original pictures! I really love this filly and just.. I want for her to go to the best home she has a chance of succeding at, and I just believe truly that that is here. So good luck to you all, but I really want this mare.

This isn't an actual bid on Drift since these are all photo's I have already uploaded of her, but it's kinda a navigation station and a really great way to look at the fun photo's all at once! I still had room for one more photo up on the board but I couldn't A) finish another picture in time and B) think of another one to do xD

Well this is PD Driftin' Tramp and I have just put my heart and soul into bidding on her in this sale. *painted-cowgirl currently owns her and is hosting this sale.

Notes: I made this all my self! The only think I didn't actually make was the wood but It sized it, cut it all that fun stuff to make it work, so I would like to thank ~Crimson-Designs for providing this wonderful stock.
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I really hope you win her!! :D I was going to try but I just didn't have the time :/
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aww thanks! I realllllly want her.. lol xD (I already have this great breeding planned if I do get her... the baby would then be bred to another epic stallion and I for sure own the most epic of epic babies... and I own both stallions :rofl: )
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:lmao: you think I could reserve a covering from either of your epic studs for simple? :p
MooiHorseDesigns's avatar
sure as my treat to you ^^ One is BhS Duke of Gay Bar and the other is BMPGot No Wild Vice (I don't have their official refs up yet cause I hate doing refs)
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Hey are both do pretty!
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So I've been told by others lol xD
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Thanks I thought it was a good way to do a collection of all her pics.
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