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Digimon stuffs :x

prints available on my etsy
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Wow. This looks genuinely holy. 😶😣😭👏

Please check out my artwork sometime.

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Uhh your welcome and I hope you watch me
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What dose hai mean
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I think these Digimon were my favorite. They were just really neat, good characters. Love that stained glass and all their forms on the side! :aww:
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Why were they so great? (No offense im curious)

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Well, for Gatomon, I really liked her arc and how she found Kairi and stood up to Myotismon. She was just cool, and really nice, despite who she worked for at one point. I think it resonated with me more then because I was around the kids’ age when I watched the show. Cliffhangers really draw me in and there were a lot back then as the episodes came out.

Patomon because he was good at protecting T.K. when they were in the Digital World. They were strong for all they had to go through and I was impressed, and they became good friends. Also, T.K.’s parents (and Matt’s) divorced and I also connected with that. I knew how hard it was. And it was just a fun show for me to watch. They made me care about what would happen. And then when Gato and Pato were the key to defeating Myotismon, that was also cool. I would’ve still liked them even if that hadn’t been the case, though.

Sorry that was long, but hope that was an OK answer!

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theyre pretty great :> im glad you approve
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This is really pretty! Very gorgeous Picture :)
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This is all levels of precious <3 
You have a wonderful gallery! excuse me, I'll proceed to fav everywhere :D
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Looks great!! Only HolyAngemon is missing, but the art is awesome...
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whoa this is awesome
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