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Right Side of an Ami

SOOOOOOO yeah. Not much to say here other than where I got the idea to do this lol

Want to learn some other techniques?
Crochet beginner? Learn the basics here.
Increasing Stitches
Decreasing Stitches
Invisible Decrease
Double Crochet
Half-Double Crochet
Triple Crochet
Slip Stitch
Magic Circle
Right Side of an Amigurumi - CURRENT
Once the tuts are made will link these to each one respectively. Aren't you excited! :la:

AllAboutAmi on Tumblr - [link]
RoxyCraft on YouTube - [link]

If you have any other questions just ask ^^
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Thanks I had this problem to (even though I crochet with my left hand I'm a lefty :))

But this is really helpful thanks

Oh and I thought it was fishy how they both looked really different XD
moofestgirl's avatar
That's funny! I've only had experiences where lefties end up crocheting 'right side out,' it has something to do with the push and pull of how you crochet. I force mine to go RS out though xp
CrochetQueen's avatar
Well I guess I'm just extraordinary :D

But that does make sense :)
moofestgirl's avatar
XDDDD totally!~ lol
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Omg yes, thank you for this. I didn't know there was a difference for SUCH a long time, I just recently started experimenting with the two different sides. For more free-form things, I like to keep the wrong side out (i'm right handed so it just feels more natural), but for the more geometric things (like balls/tubes/etc), I have the right side out. I've always been confused as to which is which, thank you again, this should help a lot of people.
moofestgirl's avatar
XD You're welcome, no matter what side you choose I think it's important to know that there is a difference! I just wish more beginner's crochet books and such would EXPLAIN this! x.x
Superhero-Apri's avatar
I know! It's strange that these sort of things aren't more well known...
moofestgirl's avatar
I know, now I pay really close attention when I plan on buying an Ami off of Etsy.... x.x (which is mostly never xp)
Crittercre8r's avatar
I'm a lefty that crochets right handed. Was taught by 2 lovely right handed ladies! I learned how to do most of the stuff I know by watching them work.

I keep finding more of these RS/WS tutorials going around. I believe they are very helpful!
moofestgirl's avatar
I've noticed it's very hard to find left handed tutorials. But I did come across a YouTube channel that does all of their tuts for lefties and righties! It's a great channel, I'll have to find it again...
Eidons-Servant's avatar
Interesting! Just starting doing ami and I guess I've been finishing them wrong-side out. Whoops. None of the patterns I found to try with mentioned a right or wrong side.
moofestgirl's avatar
They usually don't because they assume you know. And since it's preferred my ami artists they see not reason to include it.
Hatgirly's avatar
Thank you so much! I had this exact problem and I was always kinda guessing... now I know!
moofestgirl's avatar
XD well it's still up to your personal preference, but if you plan on selling them just know that some people look to make sure they are the "right way."
Brookette's avatar
Thanks so much for doing this! It's well written and the photos are great. It's just a *small* pet peeve of mine when I see projects finished wrong-side out. I hope lots of crocheters find this helpful.
moofestgirl's avatar
I have to agree, it's one of my pet peeves too. x.x
There isn't much information on this topic, at least that I can find, so I really do hope it helps some newbies ^^
quirkyhime's avatar
im a leftie that crochets righ handed. lol i think i started off ok until jus now. my bunny ami, i just realized i think i did it on the WS. X'D this is very useful information for a newbie like myself. :heart: thank you, dear!!
moofestgirl's avatar
You should still have the 'v' side and the henge side even if you crochet left. Keep at it! ^^
quirkyhime's avatar
lol yep my bunny is hedge side up. and thank you!! :heart:
moofestgirl's avatar
XD Next time flip him inside out just before you stuff and do the last rows, or just gradually flip it the other way as you crochet around ^^
quirkyhime's avatar
actually, i did flip her inside out, thats how she ended up hedge side up. :ohnoes: lol
moofestgirl's avatar
AWE! What a bummer! 'V's on the outside! I think the flip rule only applies to right handed crocheters? Not really sure since I don't know how to crochet with my left hand, but I would imagine that it would be opposite. ._.

I'll do some research and add it to the description when I have some time. ^^
quirkyhime's avatar
lol i crochet right handed, it's just ends up funky, thats all. :la:
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