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I post of lot of unfinished stuff. It's my way of letting go of the thing and moving on. Sometimes it's better to leave something than obsess about trying to perfect it in my experience. 

Hope no one minds :P 
Just uploaded a shit ton of stuff. Please, check it out, fav it, or exclaim your hatred for anything, it's all good.

Decided to keep this one. I like the fact that it has my old work after all actually; I'd rather it didn't fade into the ether. Also, why deny art from the past? Not sure what I was thinking really.  

But there it is.
Working for Blizz now. I might ditch this account, I'm a little confused about somethings about deviant art now... I'll know soon enough.

Over at Obsidian Entertainment working on the Aliens RPG:

This account is pretty much now dead. I won't be updating it again. Visit my Webpage if you'd like to check what's up.
DA's semi porn section grows inch by inch.

None of it very artistic for that matter.
Who knew so many people wanted to post their nipples and genitals? Note how they hide all their faces...

A: Ambiguity gives births to vanity  
A lot of people like the avatar. Ever since I started using it a couple years ago, people have told me 'love the avie'. Since I didn't make it I feel compelled to state that it is in fact from

Check it out. He's a cool guy.
So what will the next terrorist attack be like?

I'm thinking something rather un conventional, and incredibly bad.

Sure no attack have happened since 9/11... but the best plans usually take a long time to execute, and area lways waiting for the perfect moment.
Let's all enjoy the times where we can get pissed off about who the president is, because things are probably going to get a hell of a lot worse from here on in for years to come.

Please read Ghost Wars by Steve Coll, then Imperial Hubris by Anonymous... and figure it out for yourselves.
Did you know that the Republican parties' T.V. adds consists of a 200 million dollar sprint consisting mostly (71%) of attack adds against Kerry? While Kerry on the other hand, is half the amount of money, at 11% being attack adds.

It's no wonder Republicans can paint the picture of Kerry for Kerry a lot better than Kerry himself. (Kerryx3). While Bush doesn't have any substaincial items except 9/11 to make himself look good by, they go where they know they can generally mislead the public with  construde facts. Ever heard about Kerry wanting to raise the tax on barrels of gasoline by 50 cents? That was 14 years ago he made that comment while we were in an economic down turn. Republicans play it off as if he made that comment yesterday.

How about this whole notion that Kerry is a flip flopping undecisive leader of nothing? I dare anyone to do objective research into the reasons for this, and it becomes apparent why Kerry seems flip floppy. He comes from the same damn state as Ted Kennedy, how else are you going to get your image out than by promoting rather staunch propositions on certain issues? When Kerry did this he was testing what the public descidedly liked or disliked, and those things the public disliked, he'd pull back his position on it.
These same tactics were pulled off by Bush during his campaign  for governor of Texas. His first run was intensly intellectual in nature, and people disliked that, being Texans they didn't particulary liked the look of rich white kids from out of town running the state. Bush probed around, became an alchoholic, and reinvented his image to seem like just another Texan, whilst coming from one of the wealthier highly aristocractic families of this nation.  
Kerry has had to invent his image as well, but he never went to lengths to change where he came from to do so, unlike Bush Jr.

Anyways, I am seriously warning everyone that they need to stop sucking up the opposition's statements like whip cream from a can. If you can't come up with your own objective opinion of the man without the help of people telling you what it should be... you are a simple minded moron.
You know men sure do try damn hard to make babies... but we sure as hell don't want the baby.
Shiney thing.. shiney thing.

Man... it's a shiney Thing!