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Shark Food :iconmoodytrashbag:MoodyTrashbag 6 2
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Mature content
(Vent) your a bitch :iconmoodytrashbag:MoodyTrashbag 2 11
Fandom Character: Chimei (not my art) by MoodyTrashbag Fandom Character: Chimei (not my art) :iconmoodytrashbag:MoodyTrashbag 15 9 Oh look some of my own art finally by MoodyTrashbag Oh look some of my own art finally :iconmoodytrashbag:MoodyTrashbag 10 2 Fandom Character: Fuhai (not my art) by MoodyTrashbag Fandom Character: Fuhai (not my art) :iconmoodytrashbag:MoodyTrashbag 13 13 Fandom Character: Mushi (not my art) by MoodyTrashbag Fandom Character: Mushi (not my art) :iconmoodytrashbag:MoodyTrashbag 13 8 Fandom Character: Bani (not my art) by MoodyTrashbag Fandom Character: Bani (not my art) :iconmoodytrashbag:MoodyTrashbag 14 12 Kyu again (not my art) by MoodyTrashbag Kyu again (not my art) :iconmoodytrashbag:MoodyTrashbag 6 12 Fandom Character: Kyuke (not my art) by MoodyTrashbag Fandom Character: Kyuke (not my art) :iconmoodytrashbag:MoodyTrashbag 21 37 OC Redesign: Kai by MoodyTrashbag OC Redesign: Kai :iconmoodytrashbag:MoodyTrashbag 13 2
~Welcome To The Sea Of Death~
(just a reminder: this is NOT canon to Akito, it's just a idea I came up with, it never has and never will be canon)
As Wadanohara and her familiars made their way through the Sea of Death, they came up to a clearing, it much more disturbing then the rest of the Sea, eyes everywhere, and these eyes where bloodshot, staring at the group, but seeing a familiar face surprised them, as Wadanohara ran up to them, she soon realised who it was...and jumped back.
It was Akito, while they weren't friends, they still knew each other...that's why Wadanohara and her familiars had a look of shock on their faces when they saw what the once sweet and kind skunk boy had changed into a sadistic maniac, his black and white shirt was now dark red with the thin stripes being a dripping blood pattern now, his white pants where spattered with blood and torn, and most horrifyingly: his once beautiful blue eyes had turned into a evil red, he looked at Wadanohara with a deathly stare and a maniacal gr
:iconmoodytrashbag:MoodyTrashbag 3 2


A SALty Meal for Sal (VORE)
Memoca shivered as she walked down the red sea's path, feeling the fleshy ground squelch beneath her feet as she kept walking in pure fear, she felt like everything and everyone in this blood-scented hell was out to get her, "W-Wadanohara?.." she called out, her golden eyes gazing around frantically as she began to grow more and more terrified.
"Going somewhere, little birdie?..~" a voice called out to the girl, her eyes widened as she turned around to see.. Sal? She stared in confusion but more or less fear at the dolphin(?), "S-Sal?.." she backed up slowly, why does he look like Samekichi?! "Yes, it's me!~" He smirked as he walked towards her in a rather creepy manner.
The seagull soon quickly realized what was going on, Sal was never a dolphin but actually a SHARK, and.. from the looks of it, he was with the red sea this whole time, "S-SAL THIS ISN'T RIGHT!" she yelled out to him, only for him to stop just barely a meter in front of the poor girl, "Right?~ Aha.. there is no right, l
:icontwilightseaprisoner:twilightseaprisoner 3 3
NO HOMO by PopAnimals NO HOMO :iconpopanimals:PopAnimals 103 15 ETIHW by eggpuddin ETIHW :iconeggpuddin:eggpuddin 30 2 (AT) Something smells fishy by StrangeGecko
Mature content
(AT) Something smells fishy :iconstrangegecko:StrangeGecko 9 6
A FukaSal req! by ColorNerd1414 A FukaSal req! :iconcolornerd1414:ColorNerd1414 12 0 Fukami by ShivoArt Fukami :iconshivoart:ShivoArt 22 0 Emalf by ShivoArt Emalf :iconshivoart:ShivoArt 19 0 2 - S Y A K E S AN by Seiini 2 - S Y A K E S AN :iconseiini:Seiini 131 2 1 -  S A M E K I C H I by Seiini 1 - S A M E K I C H I :iconseiini:Seiini 139 14 WATGBS -Wadanohara- by Seiini WATGBS -Wadanohara- :iconseiini:Seiini 107 4 Obselete Dream  - Kurotsuno- by Seiini Obselete Dream - Kurotsuno- :iconseiini:Seiini 82 2 TGG- Etihw by Seiini TGG- Etihw :iconseiini:Seiini 77 1 TGG- Kcalb by Seiini TGG- Kcalb :iconseiini:Seiini 81 1 Who says Snakes are scary? by BlueStripedRenulian Who says Snakes are scary? :iconbluestripedrenulian:BlueStripedRenulian 128 36 Yes... exactly like that..~ by ColorNerd1414 Yes... exactly like that..~ :iconcolornerd1414:ColorNerd1414 3 0 Daily Paint 2383. Shython by Cryptid-Creations Daily Paint 2383. Shython :iconcryptid-creations:Cryptid-Creations 5,943 225


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Why...why do people have to draw characters that are implied to be young with thighs that belong on a grown person, it's kinda disgusting
>posts something v*re related
>people bitch about it through notes 1-2 days later

Yep, I expected as much lmao

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(warning, this story contains vore, so if your not into that, I suggest not reading this story)

You where lost and scared, wandering around the Coral Sea, you where about the size of one of the fish in the area, what happened? You where trying a spell and it kind of...backfired, which in turn shrunk you down to the size of a fish, now you where wandering around, trying to find someone that could help you with this predicament.

After about a hour or two, you began to slowly lose hope, you haven't been able to find anyone, you where still lost in the coral forest, you where about to give up...until you heard someone's voice ring out. "Hey! Are you alright?" you looked behind you to see a white dolphin coming towards you, the only thing that was a bit off to you was the fact his eyes are red, but albinos do exist, so you just shrugged it off.

Once the dolphin had reached you, he had a slightly worried look on his face. "I saw you and noticed that you where a lot smaller then normal, so I had a feeling something wasn't right..." his tone was just as worried as his expression, but had a caring undertone, your face lit up with happiness, and you explained your situation. "y-yeah your not wrong about that, you see...I was trying out this new spell I never tried before, and it kinda...well backfired, and now I'm like this."

the dolphin gave a small smile. "ah well that's something that can be fixed easily, I know someone who can help, I'll take you to her, jump on my back!" you happily jumped on his back, he was surprisingly soft. "oh I forgot to introduce myself! My name is Sal." you gave a small smile. "well it's nice to meet you Sal." he was so friendly, there surely couldn't be any malicious intent...right?

"alright, we're here!" Sal announced, you jumped off his back, happy you'll finally be back to normal...or so you thought, when you looked up, you notice how the water around you was stained red, there was eyes in the floor, and tons of creepy looking fish in the distance, you where understandably freaked out.

"H-hey Sal...are you sure we're in-" when you turned to talk to him, you yelped and jumped back, as in the dolphin's place, was a humanoid shark, dressed in a white suit, you noticed his white skin, tail and hair, and his red eyes, upon seeing his eyes, you knew this was the dolphin who seemed to be helping you out, who seemed to be your friend, but in the end, it was all a ruse.

You immediately began to run away, but that didn't last long before Sal caught you, holding you in both of his hands, he had a twisted grin on his face as he laughed sadistically. "ahaha...your so gullible, I thought this would have been harder, but no, instead, I caught a easy meal~." once you heard those last two words, you knew what he was planning to do with you, you began to struggle and fidget as much as you could, hoping to wiggle out of Sal's grip, but it didn't work, when that failed, you bit his hand, but he didn't even react, instead he laughed.

"did you forget sharks eat fish?" he let one of his hands go from you, so now he was holding you with one of his hands, dangling you by your shirt collar. "don't worry, I'll remind you who's higher in the food chain ♪." he was already salivating, you could see some of it drip down his mouth, he licked his lips with his long, red tongue, he then licked the side of your body, covering you in Sal's thick saliva. "you taste so sweet...I'm getting hungry just looking at you."

After licking you, Sal's stomach began to hungrily growl, the shark gave a grin, showing off his sharp teeth. "well I think it's time, down the hatch ♪." he opened his mouth, revealing his blood red maw, you attempted to struggle, but you couldn't move, his saliva had paralysed you, so you where unable to struggle or fight back, he slowly put you in his mouth, it didn't take long before you where sliding down his throat, since you couldn't struggle, it was so much easier for him to sallow you, soon enough, you hit his stomach.

The squishy feeling beneath your feet already made you sick, but the smell of fish and the stomach groaning made it worse, you began to yell out. "y-you piece of shit! I t-trusted you! Let me out!" you could hear Sal chuckle a little bit. "hmm...I'll think about it ♪." would he let you out? Only time will tell.
Shark Food
(mature content is on so people don't bitch about it)

So I was debating if I should put this on here or my other account? I eventually decided I'll put vore stuff on this account as it's not really a "fetish" (well a non sexual one) for me, more or less a interest, either way it's been awhile since I've written vore and I honestly had fun with this-
(in response to my previous status)
Fuck it I'll post vore related stuff here as well, i see it as a non sexual thing and not really a kink, yes I know I'll probably lose watcher's but I kinda don't care lmao
kinda debating if I should put vore related stuff on here, I mean it's not really a kink/fetish, more of a interest or non sexual kink/fetish, but idk how you guys will react to that, I'll still post it on my other account though, since it's a sexual thing for some people, just not for me
Well I just got a CuriousCat, so feel free to send me some questions-


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I'll put this at a later date
Artist | Hobbyist | Varied
Well uhh if your reading this, then you've found this account, good job, I'm a 17 year old trans male who draws for fun, sometimes I draw more questionable stuff, but that's on another account, I'm also a homoromantic asexual. Feel free to talk to me, comment or note I don't mind, but it's easier for me to talk on Discord, just ask and I'll send it via a note

My alt account for fetish art/stories:…

Art status and such
Requests: never
Art trades: ask
Commissions: not yet
Suggestions: open

Other places you can find me
Discord: (note me)


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