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Nyan Cat by moocow95 Nyan Cat :iconmoocow95:moocow95 1 1 Chrysanthemum by moocow95 Chrysanthemum :iconmoocow95:moocow95 3 7 Faun Icon by moocow95 Faun Icon :iconmoocow95:moocow95 3 1 Evil Cat by moocow95 Evil Cat :iconmoocow95:moocow95 1 2 Warping Cat by moocow95 Warping Cat :iconmoocow95:moocow95 1 0 Bad Service by moocow95 Bad Service :iconmoocow95:moocow95 2 9
Fairy Tale Part 1, Ch. 1
Once upon a time, there was a princess. (As everbody knows, all fairy-tales start with a princess, and so I shall start mine with a princess.) She lived in a grand castle with her grandfather, the king. Being a princess, of course she was very rich, and always had everything a princess could ever want.
But the princess was not happy. Oh, she was not spoiled, for she was a very sweet, well tempered girl; all she wanted was one simple thing.
A friend.
That was it. She needed nothing else.
There were no other children in the castle, and her grandfather was, as he said, 'much too busy, dear, much too busy' to play with her. But she got tired of playing by herself, (as we all do) and eventually inquired to her grandfather to find her the perfect friend.
And she told him specifically what she wanted.
Now, her grandfather was her only family in the entire world, and she was his. He couldn't bear to see her sad, (no grandparent can... I know that mine cannot) and so he sent out a small band of
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Ragdoll Boy, Part 1. Ch. 5
"A year ago, I was... created. I wasn't born, like you were.
My father dug up the body of a previously killed teenager for an expirement with regenerating tissue. He replaced the brain and some other organs and sent electricity through the body to bring it back to life. That teenager was me. I'm held together with stiches.
Like a... ragdoll boy."
Jane was in shocked silence. Her brain couldn't accept this information. How could she?
After a second of thought, she passed out.
Jane woke up in the nurse's office, her head pounding the beat to a tribal song. 'What happened?' She thought in the secend before counsousness. The nher head was swarming with confusion.
"Victor?" She said aloud. Her mother, accompanied by the nurse, swarmed into the room, and immediatly started crooning over her.
"Oh, my baby! My sweet, sweet Janey!" She caressed her daughter's face, "What happened?"
Jane remembered the entire senario-- it had happened less than thirty mi
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Ragdoll Boy Part 1 Ch. 4
Jane stood in the middle of the hallway, staring at this boy; he was so incredibly different, he might have been from another world.
"What were those stiches on your hand...?" She whispered.
Victor looked away, but answered the question.
"I've always had them. Ever since I was..." He searched for the word, "Born."
Jane looked into his deep, dark eyes. "Why?"
He took a deep breath, and she braced herself for whatever answer he might give her.
"I......I want to tell you..." He said. "If I could, then everyone would know. If I could change the way I am, I would...."
But the bell rang before he could tell her his secret. He ran to his class, leaving Jane standing next to the lockers, alone.
Jane walked home by herself, wrapped up in her thoughts. 'Why didn't he tell me?'
At home, she was thinking the same thing. At school the next day, the same thing.
Then she finally saw him.
"Victor!" He saw her, but started walking away. "Wait!"
She finally caught up with him, trying to get an answer ou
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Ragdoll Boy, Part 1, Ch. 3
Jane was so distracted that she almost didn't notice that Victor had been walking three feet away from her for almost the entire class change. When she finally caught up with him, another teen cut her off.
It was Geoff, the school bully.
"Hey, Emo kid. What's up?" He said with a devious smirk on his face.
His cronies surronded Victor, leaving him nowhere to go. He looked helpless, even though he was five inches taller than Geoff.
"that isn't my name..."
One of the bullies grabbed his arm and pinned him to the lockers behind him, and left him open for more injury.
"Lessee where ya been cuttin yerself, Emo kid..." He sneered and grabbed Victor's wrist, starting to tug at the fingerless, cotton glove donning his palm.
Even as Victor struggled, the glove slipped off, revealing stitches on his forefinger and wrist.
"What the...?" Jane said to herself.
Geoff showed the same shock on his face. "Holy... What ARE you?!"
"Mr. Thompson!" Principal James inturrupted the fiasco, breaking up Geoff's
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Ragdoll Boy Part 1 ch. 2
Finally the end of fourth period. Jane saw him lift his fifty-pund pile of textbooks without any effort, only to have them pushed out of his arms by Geoff, the school 'bully', which is an understatement.
She went over to his desk, camoflauging her true intentions by helping him with the mammoth books the counselour called 'learning guides'.
"Here," Jane handed him the last textbook, biology, and asked the question she had wanted to ask since yesterday. "What's your name?"
He stared at her blankly for a moment. Then he ran away.
Frustrated, Jane followed him as best she could, dodging her peers left and right.
'He's fast!' She thought to herself.
Eventually catching up with him at his trashy locker (more work of Geoff) she asked him again. "Don't run away, I just wanna know your name!"
He started to fidget, and pick at a scab on his neck, hiding his fingers behind the turtle neck.
"Uhm," He looked around, "I-I'm Victor." He closed his locker and started to walk off. She followed him.
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Far away
I wonder where you are now?
Are we even in the same time zone?
Are we even looking at the same sky?
It reminds me of your eyes.
How they sparkle.
And I want to call you, but you're so far away.
And I think that it isn't worth it anyway
because what I really want is to look in those eyes again.
And just get lost in your universe.
And wonder what you're thinking about.
And thinking about asking you, then changing my mind.
That would take away the beauty
the mystery.
I want to hold you,
I want to feel your warmth
and hear you say how my hands are cold.
And make me giggle.
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Ragdoll Boy Part 1, ch. 1
Jane noticed him first in English.
He was new in school, but she hadn't seen him until about a week after he came.
The school was so low budget; the teachers couldn't care less if new kids felt 'uncomfortable' in their new environment.
They just didn't know how uncomfortable you could get.
But Jane knew all about it. She knew the feeling in your stomach you got when Elena McDane spread rumours about your previous relationships. She knew all too well.
But after awhile Elena got bored with her and left her alone (thank god) and Jane was able to actually make friends.
That was about... two years ago? They were sophomores now, and in high school.
'Poor kid' She thought to herself as she thought of the things they were probably saying about him behind his back.
Poor kid.
But she could see why.
He never talked to anyone, and always wore a turtle-necked sweat shirt zipped up, and fingerless gloves.
"Emo kid" They would call him.
But still, she could see why.
He looked like the type to cut him
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time stops by moocow95 time stops :iconmoocow95:moocow95 0 0 Kisame's Stickybun by moocow95 Kisame's Stickybun :iconmoocow95:moocow95 2 11 Something Old, Something New by moocow95 Something Old, Something New :iconmoocow95:moocow95 1 0


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