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This is probably one of the best, clean pictures of Rem I've come across so far! This is amazing! Good job :)
joemathesius's avatar
Wow nice she is really cute and sexy nicely done love your girl drawing amazing art and coloring
Daughter-of-Kabegami's avatar
OMG I almost forgot how beautiful your art was, Moochi! It's been so long since you've uploaded. I hope you've been doing well since then.
Moochirin's avatar
aww sweet as always Kabe, I know it's been long.
I'm fine thank you, hope you're doing well too :3
AzureRat's avatar
The pretty Rem!
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Moochi! <3 Wonderful work, as always; miss seeing you around on the site!
Moochirin's avatar
Celaira!! I knowww but life is hard :C I miss you too
Luna6294's avatar
Sometimes I don't understand this site. I searched "praying mantis" and found this adorable picture. I love it though! ❤️
Moochirin's avatar
ahah yeah it's strange but thanks
Luna6294's avatar
Huh...actually my search results just disappeared...Yeah I'm not used to this site yet because of my long hiatus xD never mind that comment I guess xD but I still love the picture!
WinterKatsuki's avatar
Amazing Rem Art!
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Moochirin's avatar
NekoYuiAoi's avatar
You're welcome ^.^
kikkidream's avatar
*cries* Rem looks so pretty in your style 
I just love how soft your coloring is too *hugs the Moo*
Moochirin's avatar
Aww thank you!! ;u; *hugs*
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