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Madness Unstoppable demo

Hold shift to sprint, A to move left and D for right.

Now for the new aiming system: The red crosshair shows the right hand gun, and the yellow crosshair shows the left hand gun.

Hold down Q to shoot in opposite directions.

Hold down E and fire to shoot both guns at once.
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Looks nice. Wonder what the game it is gonna be. Is it sequel to absolute madness?
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No, its gonna be called Madness Unstoppable (obviously). Its not gonna be a sequel to absolute madness, because I wasn't related to the development of that game, and I don't believe it is fair to make a sequel of a game that someone else made.

I may change the name though, it was originally planned to be survival, but may have missions instead.
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There's tons of bugs, especially with the head. I plan to fix it, of course.
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Well that bug happen often but not always,.
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Oh Have you notice the bug yet??
I just hold Q and I notice that his head has gone then i move the cursor while holding the Q still, then his head become double, and when I release Q he can't move anymore,.
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WoW Thats great!!
I wish I could make a game with you!
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Its been majorly updated, feedback, please!
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