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Commanding Ship AI Concept



I thought it would be very interesting to create a game where you control different parts of the ship - which would normally be controlled be multiple people, by yourself. When I thought of the idea, I thought of Star Trek, where they have multiple stations assigned to different functions of the ship. I was wondering how to implement something like it, and finally came up with an idea. Since it would be hard to issue multiple commands in real time, I made the game slow down whenever you are issuing commands. I can hold down a key to set waypoints, or even orbit paths, then release it, and the ship will execute all the actions. I can designate targets, and they will be taken out in the order I designated them. There is also a manual movement and fire mode for quick maneuvers, and to aim the cannons in a direction that the AI cannot anticipate.
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This is just a demonstration video, sorry for the confusion.