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I posted my webcomic on tapas and webtoon check it out if you guys have time o...o.

~Thanks for the support~
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Yayyy I knew this day would come ><
Please check out my first speed paint (ofc I am a beginner so it's not that good but I appreciate the support T^T) 

Thank you!!~ (expect more from me in the future *evil laugh*)
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Soooo i may have seem dead but nahh i'm just on hiatus since my tablet broke I am drawing some traditional art nowadays though
if you guys wanna see some of my traditional art 
follow me on:

Thank you for your time ^__^

I will probably continue the CPR doujin in april ~___~ (Dont lose hope on it (T^T)/ )
Some of you already know this 0____0 that there is a bleach T-shirt contest going on and ofcourse i took part in it >..> 
Voting r being held right now and .....
Please go to this link… and vote for me I would rly appreciate it and thanks! (If u also took part in it just post the link and I'll vote for you as well ^__^ (a friend in need is a friend indeed .____.) 

Thank you very much ! 
So..yea my first journal :D and its about commissions xD
Lets begin!

First of all the things I draw
1) Animated characters - which includes anime characters, video games characters, cartoon characters, etc.
2) Doujins and Comics ( 1 shot Strips only)

For linearts i'll take 20 :points: if its a group pics but if its 1 character or 2 i'll take 15 :points:

A totally colored picture without background. I'll take 25 :points: even if its chibi or normal.
1 or 2 characters > 25 :points: more than 1 or 2 characters > 30 :points:

A colored pic with background . I'll take 35 :points: . For 1 or 2 characters 35 but for more than that it'll be 40 :points:

Manga style, for that i'll take 30 even if its 1 character or 3.

A picture full of other pictures will be 60 :points:

A picture showing only the half face or half body will be 30 :points:
Example: 1.… 2.…

If its with armor or extra details it'll cost 10 :points: more :))

I can do these commissions in less than 1 day.
I will start the commission when your payment is guaranteed.

P.S: nowadays it'll take some time to finish the arts but please bare with me ;_;

Note me if you are interested :squee:
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