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Tiberius Sunshine Nationals Qualifier by monymay14 Tiberius Sunshine Nationals Qualifier :iconmonymay14:monymay14 5 2 Amarantha by monymay14 Amarantha :iconmonymay14:monymay14 8 6 Summer Solstice  by monymay14 Summer Solstice :iconmonymay14:monymay14 6 8 Rhysand by monymay14 Rhysand :iconmonymay14:monymay14 4 4 ProcreatePractice by monymay14 ProcreatePractice :iconmonymay14:monymay14 5 5 Druid Leaina by monymay14 Druid Leaina :iconmonymay14:monymay14 8 4 Fornblood Winterfest 2018 by monymay14 Fornblood Winterfest 2018 :iconmonymay14:monymay14 8 4 Rabbit Havoc by monymay14 Rabbit Havoc :iconmonymay14:monymay14 7 5 Tokotines 2018 by monymay14 Tokotines 2018 :iconmonymay14:monymay14 15 4 ID 0108 | Leaina | Naturesblood by monymay14 ID 0108 | Leaina | Naturesblood :iconmonymay14:monymay14 13 6
Secret Santa 2017 Tsula Tribe
                Thienna had borrowed a couple of Tokotas for the day to go exploring and find some Christmas decorations for the holiday season.  Everyone in Tokotna was decorating, cooking, spending time together and enjoying the festive season so she thought it would be fun to find some fresh decorations and maybe a Christmas surprise. Unfortunately, the Tokotas she brought with her had seemed to disappear into the snowy forest not too long after the adventure had started. Thienna’s whistle echoed through the woods as it broke the serene silence of the forest. She waited soundlessly for any confirmation of her command being followed and after a few moments was rewarded with the confirmation of the pack returning.  It sounded like a giant herd of elephants barreling through a china shop.  She could hear branches snapping, birds taking flight, Tokotas running into each other and splashing th
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Brother's Brawl by monymay14 Brother's Brawl :iconmonymay14:monymay14 3 8
Tokoween 2017, part three
Lumi left the farm with her treat and was quite ready for the last stop of the night.  Tonka’s stop was the last trick or treat event of the night and Lumi had saved it for last on purpose.  It was held in a graveyard at a mausoleum and thought it would be the creepiest the later on in the night.  Lumi was unfortunately starting to regret that decision for after travelling alone for so long she wished someone could enjoy this last stop with her.   Lumi had run into a couple other Tokotas here and there throughout the night but wished for a steady companion now.  She had received many compliments on her costume through the night and was told that she made a lovely unicorn.  Even Dukke, who she had now run into three times, had said as much.  After the farm she ran into him again.
He had just left Tonka’s graveyard with a treat and was triumphantly heading home.  Dukke had also decided to spend the evening alone but Lumi detected a litt
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Tokoween 2017, part two
Lumi could smell the farm from miles away and had the distinct smell of hay, cows, pigs and tilled earth.  She knew that her second stop for the Tokoween event would be just as fun as the first.  Kuzco had promised treats and after the last stop Lumi was in the mood for something sweet.  It had been a fun night so far with festivities starting at home that filled her belly warm and full. She had eaten baked pumpkin, honey glazed deer steak, roast potatoes and so much more.  Her human Thienna had made sure to spoil the pack that evening and there were not left overs to speak of.  Thienna spoiled them and Lumi knew it.  The human would work tirelessly on making sure they were always exceptionally looked after and cared for and Lumi couldn’t be more grateful.  In return of course, the pack of Tokotas were unfailingly protective and loyal.  
Though Thienna hadn’t dressed up her up the way Lumi had desired, the human still made her coat sh
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Tokoween 2017
 Lumi trotted through the dark woods quietly and with ease as she made her way to the next stop on her trick or treat route.  Talulla’s cabin was a promising stop she had looked forward to from the beginning of the evening.  Her trip had started after a dinner provided by her little human, Thienna, and had been festive and full of wonderful delicacies.  Cooked pumpkin had been Lumi’s favorite, though the roast deer was also mouthwatering and from a catch earlier in the day. Natsu, Levy, Peaches, Erza and Banana had all gone out in the morning hunting and brought back quite a feast.  The brought back deer, fish and a couple of geese alongside some pumpkins and mushrooms gathered along the way. Natsu had bragged endlessly about how he led the hunt but Lumi had her doubts. Banana also claimed much of the prize was from his efforts…Lumi would just roll her eyes knowing Peaches, Levy and Erza probably did most of the work. The whole pack had been g
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Commission: Lucile Reference by monymay14 Commission: Lucile Reference :iconmonymay14:monymay14 5 4


Cheap RoD + PoTA Set Offer CLOSED
:new: slots taken! will be open again soon, please comment if you'd like to be pinged :new:
Offering a set of RoD's AND PoTA's - both to be completed within 2 weeks total.
Accurate setting bonuses will be applied to all images.
NOT adding handlers at this time.
nothing extra for complex tokotas.

feedback available here if needed;
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Fishing Fun || Owed Art by unicorn-tails Fishing Fun || Owed Art :iconunicorn-tails:unicorn-tails 2 0 Fishing Fun || Owed Art by unicorn-tails Fishing Fun || Owed Art :iconunicorn-tails:unicorn-tails 1 0 Fishing Fun || Owed Art by unicorn-tails Fishing Fun || Owed Art :iconunicorn-tails:unicorn-tails 2 0 Fishing Fun || Owed Art by unicorn-tails Fishing Fun || Owed Art :iconunicorn-tails:unicorn-tails 2 0 Fishing Fun || Owed Art by unicorn-tails Fishing Fun || Owed Art :iconunicorn-tails:unicorn-tails 1 0 Fishing Fun || Owed Art by unicorn-tails Fishing Fun || Owed Art :iconunicorn-tails:unicorn-tails 1 0 Fishing Fun || Owed Art by unicorn-tails Fishing Fun || Owed Art :iconunicorn-tails:unicorn-tails 2 0
Fishing Fun || Owed Lit
Banana panted as he waited, he knew it was time to go fishing, that's what their handler said at least. Fishing time was always fun, even if it did get all in his fur. He watched as Tatinka came up with Cuccidati.
"Hey guys."
Cuccidati smiled as she nodded. "Hey Banana! You ready to go fishing again?"
He nodded as he moved from foot to foot. It was certainly time for them to go. They were actually ten minutes late. And it frankly he wasn't surprised Nilak was late. He was usually the one that was always late. Well either way, he was ready to go. He snorted as he looked towards the slow gait of Nilak coming towards them. "Well of course. If Nilak would get here faster. Frankly I think he looks like he just woke up."
All of them looked over and watched Nilak slowly make his way towards them.
Tatinka finally put in her two cents as she nodded. "He always does. But at least this time, we don't have a handler watching us. Said we could do it ourselves. Been trained well enough apparently. I
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Harley and Ivy by Merwild Harley and Ivy :iconmerwild:Merwild 406 13 Overgrown garden dragon by sandara Overgrown garden dragon :iconsandara:sandara 3,391 137 Mias and Elle Chapter 5 pg 10 by StressedJenny Mias and Elle Chapter 5 pg 10 :iconstressedjenny:StressedJenny 605 80 Dancing Partners by sealle Dancing Partners :iconsealle:sealle 150 17 Male + female nsfw voice over guide by sakimichan
Mature content
Male + female nsfw voice over guide :iconsakimichan:sakimichan 878 0
Mossy Place by Lakela Mossy Place :iconlakela:Lakela 150 1 Lion -O by xong Lion -O :iconxong:xong 394 17




This is some art that I've had Commissioned of my characters...ppl are just so darned talented!
Juffin Pixel by IthilFaer Serethiel by Eternityspool Juffin by Eternityspool Comm: monymay14 by Tesurii Lumi by Ebbarie Lumi by Ebbarie Callisto by Ebbarie Commission by Ebbarie -Commission- Callisto and Chaos by Craqui -Commission- Callisto by Craqui -Second Commission- Callisto by Craqui 23-15 Commission by Takumy Commission Verano and Trabekah By Raka Raka by monymay14 Bodyguard by monymay14 Brothers by monymay14 Commission   Bodyguard By Mesteno by monymay14 Commissioned Brumesto by monymay14 Brother's Brawl by monymay14

I am sure there are some I missed...


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