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Ayy o/
It's another art of Aki, this time, featuring her in her more updated design.  She even has a witch hat now!  It's included in the more updated version of her concept design sheet, I may upload it one day. ok sign f2u 

Side note: no she's not a witch, at least not considered one in the world she lives in.  I have some witch characters however they do not wear hats like this.  Aki wears the hat mainly for the shade.  One of her abilities is to manipulate the shadows, that's the reasoning for the hat's existence.  But she has a hoodie on her coat/robe, so I probably won't be drawing her with her hat on a lot. 

The creature is called a Kerphae, they are creatures formed from the spirits of the living who died off of hunger, merged together after limbo.  Because of their amalgamated nature, they can shape shift to a certain degree.  Kerphaes instinctively search for food to consume occasionally.  They aren't a part of the living anymore so they don't actually need any nutrients to persist.  The edible produces that comes in contact with their jaw turns bad and rotten, as a result they're considered vermin by most farmers.  Their bites on the living however, inflicts horrible painful bruising on the animals they attack, they're useful for those who needs extra help on the offense, people who tame them usually does so for that purpose.  Their habit to search for edibles can be trained off.

The Kerphae shown in here is a mixture mainly of a dog and a horse.  Aki tamed it sometime ago after encountering it in a forest, they're actually rare to find so she took the chance.  :^) 

note: Aki's a cat person *cough*

extra note: No- she's not sitting in a cross legged position, her pose's based off of this sketch that I've made on my sketchbook, it's a weird ish looking yoga like pose that I made, so yeah, it'll look a bit weird if you look at it with the mindset that she's crossing her leg.. sorry for the confusion there mate //sweats


It's the first illustration of mine featuring a creature in it, I may try to make some more creature ocs. yeet  Making this was actually pretty fun.
I actually have some sketch doodles of some other creatures that I've made some months ago, but idk if I'll ever upload it here, oh wells. 

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the concept look amazing, i love it.
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Thanks!  I'm glad that you think so~~ Llama Emoji-05 (Flower Sparkles) [V1] 
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your youtube channel still update ???
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Sorry, not as of current.  When recording it gives a bit of delay to the pen's strokes, it's half to be blamed on the specs of the pc that I'm currently using.  Whenever I notice the delay, it annoys me a bit and de-motivates me from continuing drawing a piece.  The videos also takes forever to edit because of the pc, waiting for the program to successfully finish the task of condensing a video from hours to a few minutes easily takes 2-4 hours.  'n'

Despite all of that, I still may consider uploading something to there one day, I'll always mention the vid related to the drawing in the description if it exists!
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Makes me want to go running into the forest to find my own one!
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Behehe, I wonder If you'll find it?
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I'll send pictures if I do
Yes Truly excellent
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This is beautiful! Very nicely done!
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Thank you very much!!
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Very nice! I like it!
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I'm glad that you do! 
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