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Gettin closer to the big 1 triple zero.

Things are the same as last week. Still trying to squeezed twp hours out of one.

If you truly love me you'll go over to my girlfriends page and tell her to pose for me some more.

Not sure if I'm going to be going to school this semster afterall, all of the financial problems have bogged me down for the past year, and it's all I can worry about. Now even more so that I have a job. I never used to care about making a quota of hours for work, or that extra dollar that I make on sundays or even how much is taxed out of my paycheck. A job to me was just something I had to do, and then every week or every other week for some reason I got a paycheck.

Of course my problems don't rack up much compared to James', he's in Iraq right now bored out of his mind. Well I shouldn't say bored as much as frustrated.

Good news:

People have been going into the Cable car and saying: "Whoa, when's this movie coming out?" Hehehe

Too bad at that event one very unimaginative girl had to spill the beans and go, "what are you talking about? it's fake."

(it was Beth by the way.)

the solution? Make a picture of her


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Submitted on
September 14, 2003