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I wonder what it is tha requires me to create so much?

I dabbled in printing my own magazine for a bit. (I have that kind of luxury, don't ask why) Turns out I didn't enjoy it as much as I thought I would. So on the minus side, I started yet anoter thing I'm not going to finish. But on the plus side, I know now for certain that I DON'T want to be an editor for a video game magazine, despite my interests. That's a good 5-6 years of my life I saved there.

Any how, lately I've been waking up and wondering "What now?" It's something I've done frequently in my life. Especially on snowy days. Spend another week or so, make another picture. Be proud of it or not be proud of it, I just goes in a backlog of other works I've completed with a great feeling of accomplishment.

and then... wait a bit and do it all over again? Tat sounds about right, but somethings missing in that circle.

oh yeah, getting paid for it. not having to work at a shitty job AND try to find time to do this.
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Submitted on
November 15, 2004