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I'd have to say FFX has the best story of all of them so far. When I first started playing it, there would be these wierd quite moments where I had no idea what was going on. I took it as just bad programming on the part that it's the series' first time on this generations' system, but actually it was building up a deep foreboding about Yuna's impending task. It was so cleverly wrote that a summoners journey would be a journey to a bitter end. Yes the voice acting was spotty at times, but the heart is truly there. Play it again and pay very close attention to it. This story's indominable spirit is too much to leave to just 60 hours of gameplay. The proposed "emotion engine" or EE chip that they first promised the PS2 to be when is on the verge of it's release is utilized in only this game alone.
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Aleks-kun Featured By Owner Apr 25, 2004  Hobbyist Photographer
I can only agree with you...
FFX as one of the most emotional games I have ever played... and I guess mainly due to the (even sometimes bit crappy9 VOICE ACTING:::

the story is cool and quite philosophical, almost tragic.... if you have played it till the end you will understand (but I guess you did already)

I can also recommend you FFX-2, which is much more cheerful, but much better in the voice-acting and character design...


Final Fantasy X? ----> Yeah!
montyoum Featured By Owner Apr 29, 2004  Professional Filmographer
yeah, ffx-2 was the kinda lighter tone that's refreshing every once in a while.
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April 24, 2004