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well I'm at work...

more on that later.


really not that hard at work if I can be surfiing the web. Well here I am. Not what I expected, not worse though. The first thing they told I was going to be doing was some litigating.

But I guess Kinko's idea of Litigating isn't like on Ally Mcbeal where you have this eccentric lawyer giving an inspiring and thought provoking speach in front of a courtroom. Here litigating is removing the thirty or so staples holding together two pages that some obviously paranoid company told us they'd need forty copies of.

Someday I'm going to plan to go to the Elan company and steal all of their staples.

Things took a turn upwards when I had to put some menus from Via Via into some boxes and they let me use the Jogger... the what? The jogger, a vibrating thingamajig that makes removes the chaos from manhandled papers and sets them perfectly parralel. Whatching it vibrate brought back giggly memories of mine from working at the arcade some two years ago when looking at that game where it supposedly "electricutes" you when in actuality it just vibrates really fast. Thinking of my lesbian boss who looks like an "ugly"  twelve year old boy and her girltoy sitting on it holding hands.

I don't know what promted me to think that the guy I'd be working with (Scott) was going to be some cool musician type guy, probably a little too thin and a little too pale. I was suprised to find he was actually an overweight middle-aged guy who is though still cool.

Most importantly I manage to maintain my streak of not having to learn how to tie a tie, and better yet, not having to tuck in my shirt.

so far it's 50/50
montyoum Featured By Owner Sep 4, 2003  Professional Filmographer

I'm at work again, it's pretty cool so far. Everyone slacks of like shit and Me and the other guy here on the night shift do all of the work. I really can't complain about it though, he let me print out a full poster size of my MAN-BAT picture. Tommorow I"m going to the cable car (it's a cinema cafe) where Andrew works and have him put it up there. I guess that'll by my published work. I can't wait.

Thanks to everyone who posts messages, everything is helpful.

Lookout Roley, you're next...
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Submitted on
August 31, 2003