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My girlfriend and i were at the pet store yesterday and there was this adorable black white and creamsicle orange Welsh Corgi puppy for $800.

I've been planning on gettin the digital rebel but...

pros & cons...

Dog Pros:
Unlimited love anytime of the day.
Something to cuddle at night especially in this cold weather.
Christmas vacation is coming up and I won't be able to see my girlfriend as much, hench I will need company
Somone who's actually glad to see me when I get home everyday
Someone who'll wake me up in the morning
Cameras get outdated faster than dogs
They're cute

Dog Cons:
I'm alergic to dogs
I'll have to take time to walk him and feed him
They require constant maintenance
The poop
They piss
Dogs don't last forever
My mom doesn't like dogs

Camera Cons:
Expensive up the wazoo
It may cost $999 but after taxes and accesories it'll be more like $1400
I suck at taking pictures
My computer won't even be able to handle the pictures I'll be taking.
I have no storage space for my pictures
I can't take pictures of my dog without a camera

Camera Pros:
We've got lot's of nice new clothes and no camera
I"ve got lots'o ideas for pics
I suck so far but I'll be able to improve
Buying a camera is an investment that will yeild me more buisness
The camera I'm getting will last me 5 or so years at least.
Taking pictures makes me horny
I'll have more stuff to print
it's a cool fucking camera

etc. etc.

What to do what to do??!?!?!?!?
STIMUL4NT Featured By Owner Dec 17, 2003

allergic you say? then THAT should be enough to settle it
when u are about to convulse and die b/c of the stupid bitch, maybe you'll remember what Kate said keke

then again a lot of really serious or lovey dovey or long term couples get pets ... its like their baby.. your love child??

just look at chun and wai, their baby is a HAM HAM!! :3
montyoum Featured By Owner Dec 17, 2003  Professional Filmographer
hehehe, weeeell I'm willing to get those allergy shots if that's what it takes. Plus, sometimes I'm not allergic that badly.
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December 17, 2003


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