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I continually hope that someday I'll get a chance to pass on everything I've learned. There hardly seems a moment considering living by my words only means having absolutely no time to say them. So at least I can take a moment in slight to utter in passing.

Never let anyone tell you that something is impossible.

I lived by that when it sparked in me the possiblity of achieving something despite everyone telling me it being impossible otherwise. People have always told me it's impossible, that it's been tried. If you know what I'm talking about then your already on your way. What I will say to you ignore those who've been defeated by what they call "experience." Keep going and don't let anyoen tell you otherwise.

I know this might sound familiar even, never give up etc. But it's how I live my life even currently as there still are more "experienced" people who will criticize that I'm doing it wrong. It's the human spirit that'll keep us alive. This rings true to the events of my life, when I started Haloid. I didn't do it because I wanted to get a job in games, or that I wanted to become famous, or what have you. I did it because I knew it could be done, and that the road to finishing it was imperfect and difficult. What finishing it yeilded me was only more steps on the path to pushing forward in what I believed in.

My life lacks much, I'm broke, my car is in horrible shape, my apartment is a mess, I spend 3 days in a row at the office regularly and sleep on the couch only when I need to. I'm helplessly antisocial. I see my girlfriend 3 times a year.

I come from an impoverished family of cambodian civil war refugees. It been a long journey between being so incredibly poor that I didn't have paper to draw on when I was little, to where I am now. It wouldn't have happened if I didn't dive headfirst and take a risk, and continually risk it all to keep going forward... Heh, success? They thought it was impossible

What is the greatest reward for living in such difficulty?..

I hope you see it someday too, Cause the world looks very different, when you're pushing yourself every second you've got.

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I come back to this and other writings all the time because Monty's words and life always inspired me. Rest in the most gracious peace, you deserve it
thank you for everything monty, but it is impossible for me to let go...
Has anyone noticed that Monty is like the Kamina of RWBY? Both taken before their time in tragic ways but imparting to those before them a blazing spirit to keep them going, causing them to reach heights thought impossible?

Am I the only one?
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It's been one year mate.  Thank you once more for everything. We press onward.
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someday... i'll achieve it.. no matter how many mistakes i made and how difficult it was... i'll just keep trying till i get it...

thank u for this Monty.... 
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I wanted so much for you friend. I hope you achieved the peace and happiness you sought after.
Your optimism and heart will continue to inspire.
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Thank you.

I'm holding back tears....but thank you.

And I am still moving on
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Rest in peace, you've done the world a great service.
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RIP, Monty Oum. You were so creative, and your work got me interested in web production. I can't believe you're gone. Godspeed.
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Rest in Peace, Mister Oum.
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Rest in peace, bud.
You'll always be remembered as a fellow lovely.
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Your words make me feel like a piece of shit in the best way possible.
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I wish you good luck. You've been running for a pretty long time.
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Go beyond the impossible and kick reason to the curb! That's the way Monty Oum rolls! Stay awesome, dude.
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Dude, keep being awesome. But here's a thought: adopt the weekly sabbath system of Judeo-Christianity, and see how you like it. Why? Because on that system, you don't just go pretty fast. You go 1/7th times faster (that's a total of 8/7ths) for the first six days, and then you rest on the seventh. It gives your body and mind a rhythm, and helps you to go faster and faster and faster. You have to get 7 days worth of work done in 6. But then you get to rest a day. Give it a shot, I think you'll like it.
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You're right, Monty.
This gives energy to me, to!
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I feel you when there are people constantly degrading you like that saying how it can't be done, well how can it be done if they never even tried in the first place?!

Keep doing what you're doing Monty and you'll pull through!

We're in the same shoes with Cambodian relatives and a screwed up car XD
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Impossible is nothing
I salute you
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What can I say?

You're absolutely right. I think you are doing a good job, a VERY good job. Fighting for what you believe in. You´re a good rool model.

It's not fair that some have more opportunities than others or luck but be sure that everything comes with dedication and effort and you are on the good track.

We enjoy with your creations (That they´re becoming more and more) and I wish that this doesn´t change.

PS: Sorry my bad English. I hope that you understand the most of my comment.

Take care!
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I'm doing my best to work towards my goals, although sometimes it's hard for me to find the motivation to continue on with my work. I've never really had anyone tell me that something can't be done, or that I'm no good at what I do, and while looking ahead of me I can't really see what I want to accomplish.

All I know is that music is my one true expression. That's all that really keeps me going unfortunately. :/

I play my music because it makes me happy, it just feels, right, you know? And whenever I produce something better then the last, be it a composition or a song, it gives me an inkling that I may be better then I thought I was; but that's about it. I have no endgame, no comparison, or any idea where I want to go with my work; or that even if I do, will it be profitable enough to keep me from the gutter..?

Depressing nuances aside, your words have helped me, probably not as much as I would like, but your determination is far more then admirable. And the fact you can be so humble despite your accomplishments is a testament to your character as a person and as an artist. I hope that one day I can come to feel the same way as you about your path and how you've built it while I try to build my own.

Good luck to you my friend and whatever your future may hold. =)
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Your inspirational Monty. I only wish I could do my University Designers Assignment on you.

Your work keeps me going towards my dream of a Game Designer ^^ I hope that my determination will get me there like it has you with your goals.
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Great words indeed. Can't say I was anywhere NEAR as deprived in my youth, but I know the sentiment of being told something was impossible. Even though I haven't reached the goal, I'm steadily on my way, inching towards myself being a big name in the gaming industry. Keep on keeping on, and so will I ^^
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