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30 Hour Sprint


Things are starting to crunch hardcore. In a good way. I haven't had a night for a long time where I couldn't stop.

When I was back home working on my movies, the only thing that kept me from working on my movies non-stop was the fact that I had work in the morning. So there was nothing to stop me on the weekend from working straight through until physical exhaustion starting to effect my concentration. Then I would end up with crazy ideas like sparking crotches and dance numbers. Laughing to myself 5:00 am, slowly going mad.

Things are bit different right now. I just realized why I was being so lazy with my current project. One thing is that I should be putting more of my effort in my work at my new job. But aside from that, I also realized I'm being too caught up in what people might think. Haloid was easy to make because I didn't care how people would see it, so second guessing is something that really needs to go ASAP. With this project I'm occaisionally beffuddled with what sort of complaints people might have with what they're seeing.

I approach my self with the occaisional second guess. Why do I do this? I could be having fun. Long nights, while my body slowly fails me. And cramming every ounce of brain power 18 hrs a day (literally) while clawing at my crainium takes it's toll. All that is quickly dashed when I think of the alternative.

Get these pictures out of my head, I have to get all these pictures out of my head as soon as I can.


1 Part action
1 Part sexy
mix with awesome

serve 2 months from now

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speedsa|Student Filmographer
30 hours :wow:.
good luck :w00t:
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it does not matter what everyone else thinks (unless you're gonna make money off of it) it is your vision. If you wnat a dance number in it you go right ahead and do it.

your work is inspiring to me, and I do wish I had the computer programs and skills you had to pull them off.
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SEspider|Professional General Artist
Monty, don't push yourself. Taking the new jod, you knew time was going to a problem. Now you need to learn to steady yourself more. Get done what you WANT to do, not what you Feel needs to be done.

We (your fans) can wait. Haloid was cool, but it's not your only great work of art. He didn't make you popular (though it may seem like it). YOUR SKILL/TALENT DID.

Your current project is your baby, not the viewers'. It's YOUR ART. Make it what you want it to be. Stop second guessing yourself and make it something you want, not us.

You're work gives you enough of that preassure. Don't take it home with you. Doing so, will effect your work as well as your love for the art.

In short, make the art your want to make WHEN you want to make it. If you loose fans or friends over it, then those people were never truely fans nor friends. We love ya, Buddy. We'll hate to loose ya over stress.
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you make me hungry.
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ilu D; one day I'll find you and learn Japanese and work with Capcom and coax you into my project...and maybe go kayaking... I dunno... rowing seems like good exercise, but it's just not exciting... like kayaking... uuu... <3
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Can't wait man. Your a doing a awesome job.
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It's a recipie for Fantastic! :w00t:

Yes, don't you worry what others think of your work. :) I myself am writing a storyboard, and every time I write out an idea, part of me wonders if someone will mistake my creative process for someone elses work EG, a dystopian cyberpunk future, I worry people will connect to Battle Angel and give my hard work the brush off. :) But I know I shouldn't be concerned with this.

Neither should you! :D
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If you thought up the idea of the sparking crotch when you were half asleep, then stop second guessing yourself, cos it's the little touches like that that make your movies awesome :D

And I do my best work in the early hours of the morning :D

Well, my only work, I only do stuff in PS at night, cos during the day I can do other stuff like watch TV or whatever so give up whenever I start to do anythng :p
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SophieHoulden|Professional General Artist
ya, what they say about not making animations/games/whatever for yourself is bull imo, if you cant have fun with it why would you expect someone else to?

dont get me wrong, its important to make it so people can relate to it, but dont go worrying if they will hate you or get butthurt over it. if you hate yourself whats the point?

have fun ok :D
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Ah I can't wait. That's one killer recipe! Don't worry what others might think, make the video you want to make. You've got an awesome gift I'm really jealous of, don't sweat the small stuff!
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