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Car got towed yesterday and had to pay $86 to get it back.

Otherwise, did you ever noticed that fish can't fly? Other than flying fish of course. But for the most part fish can't fly, and most birds can't swim, except for pegnuins and whatever.

Well my point is is that if a fish's life depended on him being able to fly, he'd die. But if we humans needed to we would. It was in fact achieved within one person's lifetime that we humans managed to be able to become in our best respects birds. That's some level of evolution right there.

We as humans have evolutionary traits that are expansive to start with. I mean to say that we certainly don't fly better than most birds, and we don't swim better than most fish. Be we certainly can fly better than most fish, and swim better than most birds. We humans are built with neither fins nor wings nor claws because our special Pokemon power is that we generalize.

To get to my point, it is that we certainly shouldn't limit ourselves to what we our good at. I'm not the best photographer, I'm certainly no proffesional CG artist, I have a lot to learn about modeling, I don't explore the written word as much as I should, and I've not developed my skills at freehand or illustrated art fully either. But by surrounding myself with talented people in all of those respects I can better myself fully.

Can't find a job as a photographer, I can still be a designer and so on. The only difficulty in this is bringing yourself up to the task and admitting that I'm not good at everything (which should be easy to do.)

So the moral of the story is, don't be afraid to take risks.

This is my girlfriend's page (the model in most of my shots) She's not around much but she hears you.

People I talke to often:






WRITING (read his journals)

moomag Featured By Owner Sep 23, 2003
Nice analogy :)

You know, I had a pet fish once that was convinced it could fly. It would try and leap forth from the bowl on a daily basis; I needed to net the (comparatively high-sided) bowl to prevent the flight attempts. It could leap around three times its length, fairly impressive for a floppy-tailed fish. If it tried enough over enough generations, I reckon it would be in the Wright Brothers' league.

I guess the fundamental difference boils down to communication; we're more effective than other species at preserving knowledge, in a meme-type fashion and otherwise, plus we're smashing at collaboration. This probably helps with the evolution side of things.

So yeah, if one listens to the feedback of one's peers, then one can improve upon one's previous efforts, including the risky ones :)

(I'm listening to the Vanessa Carlton album; she's quite talented)

Take it easy,
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September 23, 2003


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