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Man I'm fucking tired, Must've slept like an hour. Feel like I'm gonna pass out any minute now. At least I'm not hungry, went and got the best tasting sausage egg and cheese bagel I've ever had. Still gotta drive an hour after I get out today to URI to go see Hootie.

Finally managed to find the part I need to fix my laptop. Yaaayy! Been without a computer of my own for at least four months. Miss my iBook.

Found a flyer of a lost dog around here, figured why not help. I'd die if Hershey ever went missing, so I feel for this person whoever she is.

Scott (my co-worker) had his last day today, you can bet I'm going to be frustrated out of my mind soon enough. The art school around here is picking up it's pace and pretty soon there are gonna be mid-terms. It certainly won't be this dead at night. Definitely gotta work on getting a better schedule set up, I already feel a headache coming on.

Still dying to do manips of people here, but haven't really the oppurtunity. I think with me the timing has to be right, I'm really moody. I mean, so many great pics, and no ideas. Same goes for my presonal photos. I wonder if it would be helpful if people told me what they wanted out of manipulations.

This is my girlfriend's page (the model in most of my shots) She's not around much but she hears you.

People I talke to often:

Ha DO Ken

I'm gonna knock you out


Aruba Jamaica ooh I wanna take ya...


Artsy Fartsy (read his journals)

Flour Power

(insert witty comment here)
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Submitted on
September 25, 2003