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I'm soo damned impatient, I've a lot a ideas for some of the stock I've been seeing. But I"ve ahd a lot of if or's about how the pics I've seen could just have a little bit more.

Well otherwise like I said previously, I'd like to do more work with stock and other faces.


Looking at my recent submission I'm a little dissapointed, something missing, I guess lately I've been working so fast that I can't seem to put all the effort I want to into it. I might have something to do with the fact that I'm now working on PC instead of Mac.

PC's have all the shortcuts I need to do everything so damned fast that I end up overlooking things. If you've seen me use photoshop, well someone once said watching me use photoshop is like watching someone play a piano.
Speed is really everything when it comes to photoshop, photoshop itself is a quicker means to a more ambitous end, so to be good at photoshop is to be really really fast.

Some PC shorcuts you might not know:

V, CTRL+Click- Auto Select Layer
When you've got more layers than you can manage, the selct tool has this option to "auto select layer" that can be toggled on and off in the options bar. Since you hardly ever have to actually select the select tool to move the layer your in, the only instance you'd go into the select tool would be to utilize it's auto select option which can also be toggled by holding CTRL.

Alt+Delete - Fill Forground
It might be obvious that CTRL+Delete fills the layer your in with the background color, this one does the same but with the forground color.

X - Swaps foreground & background colors
This is good for quick color selction. I think it would be useful if Adobe would give you the option of extra colors that you could cycle through

Alt, I, A, C, - Brightness & Contrast
It still boggles me why there isn't a standard brightness and contrast command. This is perhaps the main reason why working on a PC is faster

1/2/3/4/5/6/7/8/9/0 - Opacity Change
NEVER never use the slider when you can input the number. 0 = 100%, 4 = 40% Etc. Type in two number consequtively to use the ones digit I.E. 5,3 = 53%, 8, 4 =84%. Tools that aren't in the brush category will effeect the layer, for example: M, 4 will select to Marquee tool and change your active layer's opacity to 40%

Kate Beckinsdale is hot, she was hotter in skin tight black leather in Underworld, but that movie was boring as hell. The only good parts are when the camera is following her ass

MOe tips later when I'm awake.
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draven-mors Featured By Owner Oct 21, 2004
Thanks fo the useful tips dude. :D And indeed Kate Beckinsale IS SODAMNHOT! :D
kagemusha123 Featured By Owner Oct 21, 2004  Hobbyist General Artist
I concur! Kate Beckinsdale is hot!

Thanks a lot for the tips.
blameshiori Featured By Owner Oct 21, 2004

Satesh Featured By Owner Oct 21, 2004  Hobbyist Photographer
"Kate Beckinsdale is hot, she was hotter in skin tight black leather in Underworld, but that movie was boring as hell. The only good parts are when the camera is following her ass"

... Amen! :P

anyway thanks for the tips, i look forward to your next submission
Nightingale666 Featured By Owner Oct 21, 2004
:aww: You need to relax....alllll those Ideas you want to bring out...will come out..just dont rush it...:hug: I bet they are awsome Ideas!!
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October 21, 2004


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