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Mon Mar 21, 2005, 9:39 PM
Aight, not much going on but I need to vent.

Seems the shithole that is my workplace seems to get worse and worse everytime I come here. It seems I never have enought sleep, nor do I look forward to the drive here. I listen to as much "angry" music on the hour long drive here just to fuel my anger so that when I get here I'll be thoroughtly pissed off enough to maybe wanna torch this place to the ground.


Anyhow, no I've not got anything new. I've got alot of buisness prospects etc. but nothing to show for it so shuttup (talking to myself)

Hair geting pretty long now, long to a point where I can't possibly make it look good, not long enough to make it work. I suppose if I stick it out it might pay off, but damn I'm tired of looking like a mushroom.

been hanging out with friends more than I used to. THe other day went to a friends birthday party for his adorable little girl. Told him I"d make pictures for him of her. MAybe something along the line of those picture of babies in flowers etc. Good guy, glad to be working for him.

Comments are disabled on my page for my own sake. I've better spend my time working rather than checking every ten minutes for more comments. Nothing personal, really. If you'd still like to comment, you'll find a way to.
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Submitted on
March 21, 2005