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If you ever go into a Kinko's and ask them to do something for you and they tell you they can't, they're lying.

I think everyone who I usually talk to is buisy these days because all I ever hear is how sorry everyone is that they can't comment. I feel the same way even though I pop in and out regularly. I dunno, it's just a buisy time of year.

Ummm what else?

Still working on things, been finding some good submissions lately, too many people to watch, but I'll still watch anyways.

I can't tell if I'm even awake anymore these days. I work about 60 ours a week cause the other guy on this shift quite (I can see why) and I'm here for over ten hours a day.

Three day weekend coming up, finally get to let out a deep breath and relax.

On the plus side, I'm making a lot more money than usual and will probably be out of dept soon. More importantly will be able to get a camera.

Also, this job has afforded me some good connections. So prospects for a career utlilizing the skills I have aqquired is on the horizon.

Hope I don't go bald from stress!
t-lily Featured By Owner Nov 25, 2003
arggggg, hunnie your not suppose to lose it until you're 30. like your bros. :giggle:
STIMUL4NT Featured By Owner Nov 25, 2003
wow things are looking up huh
im happy for you :hug:

but 60 hours per week? insane??!?!?!

you are superman :worship:
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Submitted on
November 25, 2003