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Not feeling well, I'm sleepy and I only woke up 12 hours ago.

I feel so detached from my projects. At work I fantasize about the weekend and all of the shit I'm gonna do, but I look at my workfolder and it seems endless.

It's come to my knowlege that there are actually people out there who steal other peoples work and post it as if it were their own, thinking they won't be caught. I'd have to say that is pretty disgusting. If anyone EVER take my work, ESPECIALLY of my girlfriend, they are going to get fucking hell. I guess I was naive for not knowing this, I've never spent much time on the web before Deviant Art.

Now I've got to go back through all of my shit and label it so no assheads will go about claiming that that's their girlfriend. If any of you out there even think of hurting my girlfriend that way you can be sure I won't stop until I find you.

This is my girlfriend's page (the model in most of my shots) She's not around much but she hears you.

People I talke to often:

Photography Nemisis

Moma said knock you out

Everyone's favorite Puppy

Don't worry be happy

cute as a button

(as you can see i'm going icon crazy now that I learned how to do this)

smartsy fartsy (read his journals)

powdery white girl

give me more time.
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September 20, 2003