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Man I'm fucking tired...

I think I must've gotten about like four hours sleep. I don't know what it was but I couldn't fall asleep.

To my surprise my girlfriend has in fact joined Deviant Art, direct all woos and lude comments towards her.

Hootie (or Lynda):

Thought of the moment? Umm, I hate religous fanaticism. I had a job today where I had to make five copies of a comb binded book which was titled "Contemplating the meaning of life" I thought not much of it but as I was copying page after page after page the words lesbian caught my eye. Apparently it was a research on factual situtations in which what people are going to hell, and what are not.
SO the story goes on to tell about how this lesbian couple has a night out at the movies and then wants to "continue the party" at home with a 12" strap on and some hefty lovin. The story ends with "GOD IS WATCHING YOU."

I mean... who the fuck is going around taking notes about peoples private lives? And secondly, writing reports about them and judging them?

Well, the 200 page book goes on and on about sinners and everything. Now I'm neither religous or anti-religous, I just try to be a good person. But stuff like this affects us all. I wonder if any of us is being watched like this?

Oh and I met a guy today, This guy came in for the ASA (asian students association) andneeded stuff done. Now obviously in the spirit of Kinko's the people here told him to go fuck himself, (type KINKO'S SUCKS in google and see what you get) but I wanted to help him cause he seemed cool, and he knew what he was talking about.

His illustrator files weren't rasterized and in Mac format and our macs are down and bla bla bla...

well So Scott (also cool) decided he was worthy of not blowing off.

So anyhow we got to talking about schools and art and stuff. He goes to RISD, I wish I went to RISD. It's a lot better than the shit community college that keeps screwing me over.

Urger of the moment? If I wasn't so damned tired I'd wanna go to boston and play Para Para Paradise, even if it means I'd have to go all alone. I just wanna try something new somewhere else for a while. Maybe when the paychecks start coming in.

Ok gotta get back to work
moomag Featured By Owner Sep 9, 2003
That's just what we need... a brand-new pseudo-religious diatribe. I'll be the first in line for that one (snork). Sounds like some seriously suspect " research" to me. Can you not get some sort of compensation for being subjected to that? :P
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