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I recall being sharper than this, seems my mind takes longer and longer to process thing non-computerwise these days. Verbally, I used to come up with things on the spot, I'm at a loss for words more than I remember. Not to mention my memory is shot to hell as well.

There used to be a downtime between my projects, sometimes for weeks at a time, now with the amounts of work I've given myself it seems that I can't even comprehend what it means to not know what to do. I have to force myself to take a break when I can. If I can. Lately I only fall asleep when I pass out on top of my computer. I work on my labtop at home everywhere I go, even grocery shopping and on the toilet. Whenever I can't use my computer I write up plans and think nonstop about what I need to do next.

And thing it this is everything I wanted.

It's commonly said by common fools that we barely use 10% of our minds, which if you ask me is a load of crap. People are given an amount, and they use it. I think a person's capacity is actually determined by how much they use. And lately I feel like I'm invincible. Giving up everything I have to work in a way I've wanted to. If I don't seem to be home these days, it's because I'm elswhere.
exarobibliologist Featured By Owner Aug 18, 2005  Professional Photographer
I believe that's called Alzheimer's... :lol: :lmao:
No, seriously, I sympathize. I go through periods like that too.
drackar Featured By Owner Aug 17, 2005  Hobbyist Photographer
so, what ARE you doing with all this brain power, eh?
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August 17, 2005


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