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Well, I can successfully say that I've quite on coffee. Tried some coffee yesterday and nothing tasted more gross. I like to be in the habit of changing on a moments notice.

Well, let's see. About just over two weeks ago I got a request from for a tutorial at about eight pages. I was able to write a tutorial in Monty Style Photoshop at exactly 200 steps/screenshots. It was rather difficult to even keep myself down to that number, but what was especially hard was keeping track of every step knowing that I'd have to go back and write something about it. On top of that, I had to keep it simple enough for strictly Photoshop. And I also had to make sure even my source material was presentable. All in all I did pretty well, I'm only worried about how I didn't fit into the size requirement they gave me. It was of course technically impossible to do anything I do in the estimated 24 or so steps that would fit into a 8 page tutorial. Especially not knowing what level they expect their readers to be at. I hope that them being a photoshop magazine will know how to shrink it down appropriately, even if it compromises my work, the writing experience is worth more than the personal issue, simply put I cannot do that sort of thing myself.

So I've been spending a lot of time at the arcade. Almost everyday of the weekend since Tekken 5 came out. It's reminiscent of back when I started playing, competition etc. All and all, a good reason to meet up and play something that you have in common with a bunch of people. Of course nothing is meant to last, the console version is coming out soon and I expect once I buy that I won't be spending as much time (and money there.) Despite the fact that I like being in an arcade and playing amongst friends, I've gotten used to the idea that things end. And it's a good thing. The point I'd like to bring up is the fact that everyone seems to know my name and not the other way around. For a while now I've been playing DDR and Pump It Up, dancing with a viscous determination to look good (which I do.) This is the sort of thing that gets people's attention, especially aspiring 12-18 year olds of not so coordinated demeanor. I've lots of theories about how to play dancing games and not look like your jogging, ask me sometime (in person,) but overall I play mostly for the workout. I think the music industries would be smart to put together a dancing game of their own with constantly UP TO DATE music, but that's another story for maybe 10 years from now without me.

Point is I don't know anyone's name, not a big deal. High chance we'll not know each other in the not so distant future. I've had to give up people before, it's not a bad thing to forget them. If something was meant to last then It'll prove itself so. Otherwise don't cling. I mostly say this because I don't think I deserve the amount of praise I seem to get from strangers, to sum it up, if we expect little from each other then we won't be disappointed. Besides, knowing someone's name is the mark of a beginning. And as we all know, everything that has a begining has end. Haha, that was corny.

Saw Constantine Saturday, Keanuuuuuu Movies have this habit of being ultimately forgettable. Not to say it didn't have any effect on me. But remembering this movie will be like remembering Speed, and uh… Speed? Yeah. I liked it, is was definitely entertaining.

Also, Valentine's day was good. I had plans on taking her to an expensive restaurant, but instead got good food that didn't cost me an arm and a leg. Plus other good stuf happened hehe.

I miss coffee. But I hate drinking it.

I also really miss sunlight.

Comments are disabled on my page for my own sake. I've better spend my time working rather than checking every ten minutes for more comments. Nothing personal, really. If you'd still like to comment, you'll find a way to.
Koaruholland Featured By Owner Feb 21, 2005
hey its gets my attention but i'm 17 so yea. but i've been getting work on doing what ya do on ddr. Pump i have trouble planting my feet in the right ways. seeing i'm still new to it >< well see you around tilt. i'll probaly see you at the tekken 5 tornement. laters
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February 20, 2005