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Another weekend gone, nothing more nothing less. I did a lot of dancing, gonna have another photoshoot this week if things go right. Man I really need my own camera. Going through a pretty dry spell on ideas, this happens every now and then. Nothing new, it's good to take a break and enjoy life without being too preoccupied with creating something. As it goes, it's only for about three or four times a year that I actually come up with something I'm really proud of. In the meantime, I'll play all of those videogames I haven't finished yet, come up with a new dance routine, read, watch, and learn, pretty soon I'll be inspired again.

BTW, does anyone know what's going on with all of the distortions? I don't remember this happening when I joined up. DA isn't trying to pressure us into subscribing now are they?

This is my girlfriend's page (the model in most of my shots) She's not around much but she hears you.

People I talke to often:

Photography Nemisis

Moma said knock you out

Everyone's favorite Puppy

Don't worry be happy

cute as a button

(as you can see i'm going icon crazy now that I learned how to do this)

smartsy fartsy (read his journals)

powdery white girl

give me more time.
surprisinglyswt Featured By Owner Sep 21, 2003
i'm sure you'll find inspiration..they always come when least expected ^_^
vermillionaura Featured By Owner Sep 21, 2003  Hobbyist General Artist
I hope not...I have alot of artwork I want to post and I don't want people look at a piece and think that's how I drew it you know? And I thought we had a CHOICE about whether we want to subscribe or not?*is seriously worried now* How are your deviations looking so far?
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September 21, 2003