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Some things I havne't been able to achieve in photomanipulation include:

Lighting, for simple body parts, especially say... the leg. You can add shadow to some dgree by either using the burn tool lightly, or using a duplicate of the layer, lower the brightness and raising the contrast, and then desaturate accordingly it so that you can create a darker version in which you can soft erase to gradient a shadow over the original layer.

But where it's especially easy for body parts like legs and arms which are mostly cylindrical. Changes to a faces shadow no matter how hard i try only end up looking fake. It can't just be me though because I've seen motion pictures where they make similar attemps at that "faked" lighting on faces and have done a rather bad job.

It might be that I could achieve this if I had a better understanding of lighting by schooling myself traditionally. I understand that effective lighting for the human face is actually pretty difficult for many reasons:

A face is a face, you will always now when something is wrong with a face because we are so used to seeing them.

The nose's shadow is unique in the way that it not only is never direct, but also the surface a noses shadow is on (the cheek) has different levels of ambient light that are being reflected off the cheek itself. That combined with the different layers involved in lighting skin create a shadow that is damned near impossible to work with.

any ideas?

Also, if anyone has any advice on how to achieve a jackhammer let me know.
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Submitted on
August 6, 2004